What is backstitch Reader?

With an employee app, reach anyone whether they work on location, at home or in an office.

Your employees will feel more in the know with operation information, policies, benefits and time sensitive crisis communications


Your Own Custom Mobile App

A native iPhone and Android app created to match your culture. Branded and designed just for your organization.

Reaching employees where they are just got a whole lot easier. As a major upcoming trend around internal communications, internal mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular among businesses. On any iPhone or Android, backstitch Reader transforms into your own fully white-labeled company app.

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Instant Notifications

Elevate important messages without the challenges of SMS.

Easily send instant push notifications right to employees' phones. Send them the crucial information faster. Create effective messages that gets their attention and onto your app!

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Real-Time Conversations

Secure and controlled employee messaging.

Communicate and send messages instantly to groups or individuals, right within the app. Allow employee level peer-to-peer conversations or set manager-to-employee hierarchy level communications. Create a business-friendly place for employees to communicate with each other. Encrypted end to end.

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Documents and Opt-In Agreements

Accept digital signatures as part of your paperless employee on-boarding.

Completely replace paper documents and spreadsheet tracking for ALL employee agreements, forms and policies. Even sign agreements right within the app with full trust and protection. Get reports for insight on completion rates, missing documents, and others.

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Securely Authenticate all Employees

Even those without email addresses.

With many options for authenticating users, backstitch can allow all employees to login securely. Leverage a combination of Single Sign On, Office 365 OAuth, ADFS, and select fields from your HRIS or Payroll system.


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Responsive Web App

Reach your employees not only on their phones but on their desktops and tablets as well.

Create a central place for employees to look at for all industry news, important documents, company benefits information and much more!

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Integrate with Existing Systems

Publish to your existing channels and leverage data in your existing databases.

Easily integrate with HRIS, Active Directory or Office 365 systems, so there’s no headache when it comes to authenticating users and working with IT. Utilize existing systems when verifying employees.

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Images, Videos, PDFs, and More

A place for all your media.

Utilize multimedia to enhance and promote company culture. Host image galleries, training videos, and handbook documents and sort them by relevance. Skip the boring cloud-based document management systems and arrange your existing files in a visual and compelling Topic that employees want to read.

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Benefits Communications

During open enrollment and beyond.

Benefits communication can be overwhelming, we know. This is why backstitch is here to help make your benefits education and enrollment process smooth, painless and virtual. Studies show more than 8 in 10 employers that use technology during their enrollment process improves employee benefits enrollment.

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Perks and Discounts

Spoil Your Employees with a Directory of Perks and Discounts.

You have a great place to work; your company provides a ton of perks and discounts to your employees. Now, your employees have a portal where they can browse and redeem their perks on the go.

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Personally Tailored Topics

Engage each team member with what's important to them.

Share relevant topics to your employees. Arrange your employee population by teams to only see what's important and prevent information overload. Boost employee engagement by focusing your message based on role, location and individual aspirations.

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Media Monitoring

Automate your company digest.

Collect news from around the web and social media. Build up comprehensive topics mentioning your company, competitors, and industry. Provide continuous training with a collection of content from thought leaders for each department. The topics are limitless.

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Curated Content

Take full advantage of all of your resources.

Blend internal documents with curated content from your vendors and industry resources. Communicate information from the latest trends regarding important topics such as health and wellness, financial planning, and safety.

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Digital Displays

Deploy affordable and integrated large screen communications.

Does your office or campus provide digital signage options? backstitch Reader is compatible with large scale digital displays. Provide consistent, focused content without the need of complex digital signage solutions. Simple plug and play digital display options.

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backstitch Reader offers a variety of options for replacing or enhancing existing intranets.


The first marketing automation platform designed for targeting the employee population. Craft better communications, reach all employees and measure the ROI of employee engagement.


Simple, yet powerful content creation tool. Create one message, send to all employees across every company channel.

Internal CRM


Comprehensive employee communications platform.  Replace your legacy intranet or supplement it with mobile engagement.

Intranet replacement tool

Total Rewards Statement

Easy to understand dashboard for helping your employees understand the full investment into their benefits.

Digital total rewards statements.

As IC and HR professionals, you have a lot on your plate. Let us make your job easier, from crafting benefits content, to sharing important company information, to hiring and retaining employees.

What are the benefits of an engaged employee population?

When you improve your employee engagement, you reap the benefits of a happier and more productive workforce. 



Lower Turnover


Lower Absenteeism


Higher Profits


Fewer Safety Incidents


Fewer Quality Defects


Greater Customer Satisfaction

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