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backstitch helps you easily create employee newsletters, announcements, enrollment instructions, internal blogs, and even track current events. With backstitch, you can create messages for daily use, and actually measure engagement from employees.

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backstitch uses a drag-and-drop studio that makes it easy to create stunning and captivating messages that resonate with your employees. Create content in minutes and publish it to specific groups, departments, and locations within your company in a matter of seconds.

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Measure Employee Engagement

Get actual insight and analytics from every message you send to employees, as well as performance from every policy and program. Get insight into what your employees truly care about, and measure the performance of your communications in seconds through dashboards and reports.

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Employee Communications Features

One tool proven to engage and save you time.


Quickly create an internal blog, employee app and communications that match your brand.


Drag-and-drop industry articles directly into your newsletters and announcements.


Embed surveys and polls directly into your newsletters to get valuable insight into what employees want.


Deliver unique and relevant content to hourly and salary employees, retirees, spouses and more.


Create employee content in half the time with interactive elements and pre-created modules that match your brand.


Publish your employee content on internal blogs, Outlook, Gmail, Slack and more.

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