70% of Employees are Disengaged at Work. 

With a workforce that is changing faster than ever, how are you driving your team to be more aware,  productive and retain longer?


Modern Employee Communications

backstitch offers a full platform for Communications and Human Resources teams to better communicate with their most important asset, their employees.

Cartoon of an employee newsletter.

Company Newsletters

Craft beautiful internal email newsletters in half the time of your current process.

A cartoon of an employee app.

Employee Apps

Deploy company-branded iPhone and Android apps to your employees.

A cartoon symbolizing media monitoring and news clipping.

Media Monitoring

Discover industry news & social mentions to supplement your messages with curated content.

A cartoon piggy bank representing employee benefits and compensation.

Benefits & Compensation

Deliver benefits and wellness information during Open Enrollment and beyond.

A cartoon representing company crisis communications.

Crisis Communications

Push notifications and promote messages in times of needed attention.

A cartoon of an employee feedback survey.

Engagement Surveys

Gather feedback from every message with built-in polls & surveys.

An Engaged Employee is 87% More Likely to Stay.

Are you measuring the signs to take action before they leave?

Image of a message creation tool for creating internal newsletters and messages for intranets.

Craft the Right Message for the Right Audience.

Create newsletters, announcements, enrollment instructions and more

Whether you are a designer or a team leader you can quickly create beautiful messages with a drag-and-drop creative studio.

Built-In asset libraries and time saving tools help you get your message out in less time.

Content Creation Tool
Image of different channels that backstitch can publish to (sharepoint, slack, microsoft teams and more)

Publish to All Your Channels.

Write once, communicate everywhere

Craft, organize and schedule your messages; all without worrying how it will look across platforms.  Your message is automatically formatted for email, intranets, mobile apps and even chat platforms.

Publish your messages to new and existing channels:

  • Sharepoint and Home Grown Intranets
  • Outlook, GMail, IBM Notes
  • Slack, Microsoft Teams, HipChat
  • And More...
backstitch Studio
A photo of employee benefits and open enrollment information shown in an employee app.

Deploy an App that Reaches All your Employees

Not your typical employee app

  • Securely authenticate hourly, salary, retirees and spouses
  • Completely whitelabeled to match your branding and culture
  • Easily integrates with your HRIS, ActiveDirectory or Office365

Deliver personalized content and messages to all your employees and stakeholders; whether they work at a desk, in the field or from home.

Employee App
Photos of employee engagement reports and analytics.

Measure Outcomes and Collect Feedback.

Insights & analytics around every message

Beyond just how individual messages are received, get the full picture around:

  • Trending topics inside your organization
  • Key influencers across departments
  • Feedback with integrated polls and surveys
backstitch Reader

Platform Features

backstitch offers the most complete Employee Engagement & Internal Communications plaform.  Make use of what you are ready for today and grow your strategy over time.

Icon represented a company branded mobile app.

Branded Mobile Apps

A native iPhone and Android app, designed to match your culture.

Icon representing a responsive web app.

Responsive Web App

A company branded web app that works on tablets and desktops including legacy web browsers.

An Icon representing an employee survey.

Surveys & Polls

Embed multiple choice and open ended questions right inside your messages.

An icon representing a mobile push notification.

Push Notifications

Better than a text message, elevate important announcements right to an employee's personal device.

An icon representing automatic language translation.

Language Translation

Automatically translate your day-to-day messages to over 150-languages to support your culturally diverse workforce.

An icon represent management of company assets.

Asset Management

Integrate with your shared drive, create custom templates and easily browse built-in stock image libraries.

An icon representing a built-in news clipping service.

News Clipping

Drag & drop industry articles into newsletters and announcements.

An icon representing analytics and reporting.

Analytics & Reporting

Reference trends and calculate engagement seamlessly across channels.