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What is backstitch Studio?

backstitch Studio is a full content creation tool for crafting internal company Newsletters, Announcements, Benefits Collateral and Day to Day Messages.

Ready to change your content creation game?

Quickly design and send beautiful messages within minutes. Publish to all channels (email, intranet, chat, print, etc.) at once.  Truly write once, and communicate everywhere. With many popular channels already integrated with our system, publish right to Outlook, SharePoint, Slack, Microsoft Teams, backstitch Reader and more with no hassle. Want to print your creations? No problem! We can handle that too. 

With our advanced analytics platform, start tracking and measuring all messages to get real measurement data in real-time. Open up a two-way communication culture with embedded polls and open-response feedback tracking. Review individual messages or create in-depth engagement reports from a wide range of custom criteria.

Feature Rich Content Creator

Drag and drop communications

Create beautiful content for emails, intranets, and group chats easily with the backstitch Studio editor. Get newsletters and other content noticed, even without a designer!

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Analytics Tracking

Measure your employee engagement

Instantly get real numbers behind every communication. Detailed analytics unify unique and total engagement metrics from employees regardless of which channel you publish to.  Create custom reports, track opens, clicks and even gather regular feedback through pulse surveys!

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News Clipping

Save time creating newsletters

Built-in media monitoring enables you to easily drag and drop news clips articles right into newsletters and announcements. Share articles from industry sources, benefits providers or even your organization's own social media marketing. Easy to curate and easy to format.

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Stock Image Library

No images? No problem

Directly find and insert the perfect (and royalty free) images right within the backstitch Studio editor. Search from an included database of stock photos and gifs to find exactly what you need to add flair to your communications.

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Custom Templates

Ensure brand consistency

Utilize customizable, pre-designed templates for consistency across your content! Integrate your company's brand by using pre-loaded brand colors, fonts and imagery. Quickly insert text, images, or other assets and let backstitch Studio do the magic. 

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Asset Library Integration

Bring in assets from your enterprise content management service

Access your company’s cloud file hosting service right within the editor for easy drag and drop capabilities. No need to switch file hosting or have to re-upload anything. 

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Language Translation

Translate to 100+ languages

Reach your entire audience with every communication. Translate day-to-day messages from Spanish to Burmese to better support your culturally diverse workforce.

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Polls and Surveys

Improve response rates with pulse surveys

Drop the old long survey, and utilize the poll builder tool for audiences to answer in one click, no matter what platform they are on. 

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Simplified Employee Advocacy

Your employees are your greatest ambassadors

Create messages for employees to share on social media. With one click, they can share messages instantly. Make employee advocacy easy and hassle-free!

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Built-In Contact Management

Centralize all of your distribution lists

Manage all your contacts and lists through backstitch Studio. Integrate your existing accounts with our system, whether that’s Office 365, Outlook, Gmail, Slack or even Excel spreadsheets.

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Cross Channel Publishing

One message, many channels

With many channels to publish to, create a message one time and publish everywhere.  Automatically formats your content for distribution messages to platforms such as Outlook, Gmail, Slack, PDF, SharePoint, and backstitch Reader.

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The first marketing automation platform designed for targeting the employee population. Craft better communications, reach all employees and measure the ROI of employee engagement.


Simple, yet powerful content creation tool. Create one message, send to all employees across every company channel.

For newsletters, crisis communications, and more


Comprehensive employee communications platform.  Replace your legacy intranet or supplement it with mobile engagement.

Desktop and mobile employee app

Total Rewards Statement

Easy to understand dashboard for helping your employees understand the full investment into their benefits.

Total rewards let's your employees see how much they are valued.

Internal communications professionals have a lot going on, from developing new ways of communicating internal content to pushing innovative ideas within their organization. Let us take care of the content part, so that you can focus on the communicating aspect of the job.

What are the benefits of an engaged employee population?

When you improve your employee engagement, you reap the benefits of a happier and more productive workforce. 



Lower Turnover


Lower Absenteeism


Higher Profits


Fewer Safety Incidents


Fewer Quality Defects


Greater Customer Satisfaction

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