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Getting Started

New to backstitch? We got you covered.


Navigating backstitch

Navigation from start to finish. 


Customizing and Creating 

Everything you need to know to make your app completely yours.


backstitch Administration

Admins only. Learn how to manage your company app.


Guide to Analytics

Get the most out of analytics. 


Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Think you got backstitch down? Bet you can learn something new.

Quick Tips


Follow/Unfollow Topics

By going to 'Discover Topics,' easily click on the 'Plus' icon to follow a Topic or click on the 'Check' Icon to unfollow a Topic.  


Navigate to Discover More

Click the 'Hamburger Menu' to view all the Topics you currently follow. Click into one to find more content you like.


Change Username and Avatar

Go to your profile under the 'Hamburger Menu' and the 'Drop-down' next to your email. A great way to publish articles from "your company".

Featured Videos

Learn new capabilities or get quick, visual answers with these videos in minutes. 

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Navigate the App

From the creation tool to the web and mobile app. 

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All about Topics

Everything from creating to editing and enhancing, learn about all the things you can do with Topics. 

Push Notifications

How to properly send push notifications (mobile alerts) and the best tricks for executing them.

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How to Create a Post

Enhance content with little details backstitch Studio has to offer. 

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Enhance your Post

Add new features to complement your Posts. utilize resources and take advantage of the entire system. 

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Publish to Channels

Do more than just the standard email, integrate your systems for even more capabilities.