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on August 19, 2019 Internal Communications

3 Projects That an Employee App Can Replace

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When it comes to implementing an employee app in the workplace, there are numerous benefits it provides. These include the elimination or simplification of other projects. Through simple tasks in an employee app, you can help streamline the process of creating projects. All of these save your team from extra work and provide a better experience for your employees. 

1. Email and Print Newsletters

The amount of time that it takes to create the perfect email or print newsletters adds up quickly. By utilizing their employee app, companies can replace these tedious, outdated methods, making company-wide communication much more streamlined and effective.

Creating a company news announcement on an employee app can take as little as a couple of minutes. This can end up saving several hours of work throughout the year; enabling more time to complete other valuable tasks. Other tools even have the ability to publish to multiple channels, allowing your team to only create your content in one form.

Through the implementation of an employee app, you also reduce the amount of emails distributed to your employees, which can be very beneficial considering the average office worker receives over 120 emails a day. By choosing to send out the information through the employee app, you can reduce the risk of the information becoming lost in a sea of emails by utilizing push notifications. This makes the information stand out in a much more engaging way. 

Finally, digital communications cut through the massive amount of paper waste and printing costs accrued each year with a physical printed newsletter. Publishing an employee newsletter rather than printing one also provides your team with a robust selection of analytics, information that would be otherwise unavailable if the document was printed. 

2. Open Enrollment Guides

Making your employees aware of the great benefits you offer them is a tough thing to do. One common example of a way companies try to communicate employee benefits are through open enrollment guides. While these certainly have value, it is often offset by the cost of printing required, as well as the fact that they are only printed and distributed to employees once per year. 

Adding a benefits and perks page on the employee app enables you to digitize the guide and improve overall engagement. Not only will this enable employees to access this information all year long, but it will also significantly cut down on printing time and expenses. This is especially valuable considering most of the time, when companies print and mail open enrollment guides, they have no way of knowing if their employees actually read the documents or not. An employee app would also provide the admin with analytics, giving them insight into the most popular individual benefits offered within your company’s benefits package. 

3. Engagement Surveys

While discovering your employees’ opinions and feelings about the workplace is important, there are more efficient ways to accomplish this other than standard engagement surveys. These types of surveys are often lengthy, taking time out of employees’ busy work day and, more often than not, causing them to opt out completely. 

By replacing these engagement surveys with regular pulse micro-polls, you increase the likelihood of employee participation. This is because the frequent requests for feedback are much smaller, causing employees to take only about 2-3 minutes out of their day to complete. 

Most importantly, the micro polls can be embedded within individual pieces of your internal content. This enables the information to be most salient with your employees, thus they will provide you with the most accurate picture of their opinions. 

These are only some of the ways that using an employee app can improve your company’s internal communications. Contact us today to find out more about how an employee app can benefit your business.

Sydnie Fultz

Creative Content Manager

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