The Modern Total Reward Statement Solution

Personalized statements that are faster, cheaper and deliver better results.

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Transform the Way Your Company Communicates Compensation and Benefits.

Our interactive portal helps each employee understand the full value of their direct compensation, health & wellbeing and future financial investment; empowering them to make smarter career decisions.

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Your Company Offers Great Employee Benefits

But Do Your Employees Know?

Total Rewards Statements are a great way to communicate the entire compensation package offered to your employees



of an employee's total compensation on average comes from benefits beyond salary.


of employees do not understand their overall benefits program and their employer's contribution.


of employees are willing to trade direct compensation for additional fringe benefits.

An employee viewing their benefits on their phone

A Better Way to Deliver Employee Benefits Education

Traditionally, Total Rewards Statements (also known as Total Compensation Statements) are created with the goal of improving employee retention and talent acquisition.

Customized for each employee our Total Rewards Statements (TRS) deliver an intuitive and comprehensive view including their employer's contribution covering salary, overtime, bonuses, health benefits, talent development, retirement, voluntary programs and more.

What’s the problem with Traditional Total Compensation Statements?

  • Expensive to Print and Distribute
  • Time Consuming for HR Teams
  • Outdated, Dense & Confusing for Employees

How is backstitch TRS Different?

  • Delivered as a Company-Branded Web and Mobile App
  • Automated Data Collection and Calculations
  • Interactive and Engaging Employee Experience Backed by Analytics
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Feature-Rich Benefits Communication Platform

Easy for HR and Benefits Teams, your New Total Compensation Software is Fully Automated, Digital First and Versatile for any Employee.


Customized Benefits Info

Customize the dashboard to reflect all the unique benefits that you offer.

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Embedded Video and Media

Provide employees with an introductory letter or video from senior leadership.

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Personalized Employee App

Branded web and Android/iPhone mobile app accessible by employees and spouses.

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Integrated & Secured Platform

Works with your existing SSO, Active Directory and HRIS platforms.

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PDF Export

On demand download of printable total rewards statements.

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Engagement Analytics

How your employees are engaging with compensation and benefits.

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The first marketing automation platform designed for targeting the employee population. Craft better communications, reach all employees and measure the ROI of employee engagement.



Simple, yet powerful content creation tool. Create one message, send to all employees across every company channel.



Comprehensive employee communications platform.  Replace your legacy intranet or supplement it with mobile engagement.


Total Rewards Statements

Easy to understand dashboard for helping your employees understand the full investment into their benefits.


Total Rewards = Employee Engagement

Total Rewards Statements aren’t just a document for your employees to browse. It’s to show your employees how much you value them.

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Improve Your TRS

Are you ready to improve your total rewards strategy and modernize your program?   

backstitch has completely redesigned the way that employers and consultants think about communicating Total Rewards Programs to employees. 

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