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The Benefits of Implementing an Employee App

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Apps are useful for many aspects of people’s lives nowadays, with much of our day-to-day routines being dependent on them. By using an employee app in the workplace you can greatly benefit your company in several different areas. Here are some of the biggest reasons that you should immediately implement an employee app.

Integrate Employees

Employee mobile agreement with digital signatureBringing new employees on board is an exciting time, but it also means these individuals now have to go through all of the beginning paperwork and training documents your company has. This could mean a rapid succession of emails with dozens of attachments, which can easily become overwhelming. By having an employee app, you can simply give the individual access to the app and direct them on where they’ll find the relevant documents. This streamlines the process of preparing new employees for an exciting life as part of your company.

Get Attention

Crew conversations around schedulingIt is reported that 90 percent of people will read a text alert within three minutes of receiving it. This is likely far higher than the percentage of your employees who read an email sent to them within three minutes, as some employees can receive upwards of 50 emails a day. However, as employees are moving more towards messaging apps, push notifications are becoming the new trend. While both methods are far more effective ways of grabbing your employees’ attention, push notifications have extra benefits of greater security and lower potential cost for your worker population. Regardless, by using an employee app, especially a mobile version, you can create alerts to send right to their phones which is sure to get their attention far faster than any email would.

Improve Metrics

Mobile employee engagement analyticsUnlike many internal communications systems, the majority of apps have a metrics function built into them or at least have the option to easily add one. By having this effective metrics system, you can better monitor the level at which your employees are engaging with the company and which formats are drawing their attention the best. Improved metrics systems can have countless positive influences on a company, and without one it becomes really hard to tell how, if at all, your company is improving or in need of improvement.

Drive Engagement

Mobile employee newsletterAn employee app can not only help you get better employee engagement levels but can also improve the quality of the engagement that you are getting and the impact that it has on your staff. An app would allow the option for the introduction of gamification into the workplace, which lets you create fun and engaging ways for employees to interact with the company as well as each other. Your company could introduce work related quizzes or games through the app and even offer little prizes for the winners. This is sure to boost not only employee engagement but their morale as well.  As we have demonstrated here, employee apps can be very useful, but they’re also only one piece of the puzzle.

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Sydnie Fultz

Creative Content Manager