A New Way of Internal Communications

At backstitch, we truly believe in communicating with your employees like your marketing communicates with potential customers. This one-page guide provides a simple description of how marketing campaigns are built, and contextualize it to become relevant for any internal comms professional. Learn how you can implement a new, better method of engaging and communicating with your employees. 

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Download Your Employee Marketing One Pager

Draft and create engaging content

Engaging Content

Design eye popping content that your employees love to read

Planned message drips to nudge employees with reminders

Constant Drips

A single message is often not enough, so you need to drip, drip, drip.

Usage of a variety distribution channels will guarantee your campaign reaches the maximum amount of employees

Distribution Channels

Your employees use a variety of tools to communicate. Make sure it's distributed to as many as possible.

Sending your message is just half the battle. Now, you need to compile your data and iterate.

Send & Follow Through

Half the work comes after your message is sent. Analyze your results and iterate your campaign.

Modern Internal Communications

  • Build Better Communications
  • Data-Driven Analytics
  • Targeted Personalized Content