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Internal Communications Employee Engagement

Make Employee Communications Essential in Your Annual Planning

Employee communications don’t have to be taxing or time consuming for you or your workers. Each year, you try to optimize the work culture you’ve been...

Human Resources Employee Engagement Total Rewards Statements

Include Financial Wellness In Your Total Rewards Program

Through the past few years, financial wellness has exploded in popularity. As an offered benefit, it helps employees by addressing a huge personal con...

Human Resources Employee Engagement Company Culture

How to Set HR Goals for Employee Retention

There’s no greater concern for a human resource department than employee retention. By presenting a quality pay framework and a functional and welcomi...

Internal Communications Employee Engagement Newsletters Employee App

How Many Images Should be in a Company Newsletter?

Employees are responsible for a lot of work. They might not have much time to scroll through a company newsletter. This becomes especially true if it’...

Human Resources Employee Benefits Employee Engagement Company Culture Total Rewards Statements

What is a Compensation Philosophy Statement?

Companies are adopting more transparency towards their employees regarding their compensation. Throughout this time, a compensation philosophy stateme...

Internal Communications Human Resources Employee Engagement Company Culture backstitch Studio

Survey Ideas to Engage Your Employees

Employee surveys allow your company to gather informative feedback. They also provide employees the chance to be heard and engage with your company. U...

Human Resources Employee Engagement Company Culture

Is Your Employee Survey Collecting Real Feedback?

Happy employees are a key element to any successful business. Happier employees are 13% more productive. Still, the benefits extend beyond just a pers...

Internal Communications Human Resources Employee Engagement Newsletters

Communication Tips Every HR Manager Needs to Know

Communication is a key part of life. It’s a truly necessary skill in both private life and the workplace. In the work environment, employees are talki...

Internal Communications Human Resources Future of work Employee Engagement HR Documents Messaging Tools

Why You Should Provide Employees With a Self-Service Software Portal

In the era of increasing digitization and advances in technology, the traditional office paradigm is beginning to be replaced.

Human Resources Employee Engagement Total Rewards Statements HR Documents

What to Include in Your Compensation Philosophy Statement

Imagine this unfortunate, but frequent, scenario. An employee contacts your HR department to discuss their concerns around compensation for their posi...