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on May 3, 2022 Internal Communications Future of work Employee Engagement

Why You Should Incorporate Videos In Your Internal Communications

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Internal communication lies at the heart of any successful organization. It keeps employees grounded and up to date with their roles. It allows departments to be productive and streamlined. It also enhances the employee experience from the day they are hired throughout the rest of their careers. 

Many companies are still experimenting with different ways to improve their engagement metrics. From company newsletters to DEI statements to messages from management, employers are utilizing a variety of internal communication strategies. However, too many still utilize outdated paper methods. This limits them from one very effective solution: video. 


Personalizing Messages

A personalized video combined with email automation can be very effective. Depending on the context, a generic internal memo can be seen as out of touch. Does your culture celebrate anniversaries, birthdays or shoutouts? Going the extra mile when producing content to celebrate your company will boost the employee experience. 

Simplify Time Sensitive News

A video is more effective at drawing the viewer’s eyes, so if your priority is to send important news quickly, it’s one of the best options. If the news is very serious, a video’s audio and visual factors can help convey better context too. 

Multimedia can be placed in a variety of locations. Have it be displayed on your digital signage monitors. Insert it in a company email. Or, have it be hosted on the employee app or intranet system. The versatility is very useful. 

Easier to Consume Content

Email overload is a big problem amongst office workers. This is made worse by an undisciplined employee communication team that sends the same message across multiple channels. Break up this information by having it presented in an animated format. 

Just as your content writers may have editors, your videos should go through the editing process as well. A proper script, soundtrack and editing can be highly suited for the target audience.

Convey Emotions in Your Messaging

Recorded messages often carry more weight to the audience compared to other mediums. By observing facial expressions and hearing a tone of voice, people can better understand context. After all, a delicate touch cannot be conveyed elsewhere. When done right, it leaves a lasting connection on an emotional level with the viewers. 

Effective Visual Illustrations

Visual aids help people learn concepts better. This explains why some prefer to watch a tutorial over reading a manual. Others find it easier to follow along with the motion possible in a video. 

Adding a dash of color is also effective in internal communications. In fact, certain colors are associated with specific situations, so the right choice will emphasize your messaging. 

Engage the Target Audience

Articulate speakers draw the audience to the message being communicated. Compared to written mediums, videos of motivating and charismatic speakers can better effect the viewers. 

The choice of speaker is far more important in a video than the author in a written post. While a beautifully crafted statement can move the readers, an articulate presenter is far more capable in engaging an audience. 

The true strength of video content is its ability to multiple the effectiveness of your communication tenfold. 

Drive More Action

A plainly written document is not as engaging as a properly edited video. In fact, they lack the ability to evoke strong emotion from visual and auditory cues. Multimedia can handle all of this and more. This naturally transitions to the viewers engaging with whatever prompts are given. 

Leverage this by finding creative ways to incorporate a call to action. Are you advertising a learning and development workshop? Looking for employees to become advocates by referring their network to job openings? Is open enrollment coming up, and you are promoting a benefits fair? A carefully crafted video with a call to action will help your viewers take the next step. 

The use of video content is a powerful tool to relay information. It has proven to be far more engaging and much more effective for an organization than other communication mediums. Using video can empower your employees through easily accessible and digestible content in a convenient format.

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