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In 2022, there are more dynamics and layers to the workplace environment than ever before. For starters, the remote revolution has become an integral strategy to support and engage with prospective and current employees. Plus, it allows companies to adopt new digital efforts. Now, there is more focus on high performance teams that improve the foundational dynamics and culture of a workplace.

Whether it’s collaboration or communication tools in virtual or physical workplaces, dynamic changes will continue to influence how employees work with each other. Employee portals such as an intranet have gained increased relevance due to this. After all, they make it possible for companies to streamline processes and boost operational efficiencies. In addition, they also help entities cut back on expenses across various internal organizational functions.

Changing Dynamics

As the dynamics of the workplace evolve, you can expect these portals to gain more relevancy over time. In fact, human resource departments believe that the quest to modernize this technology with dedicated features has just started. HR professionals hope to leverage AI powered solutions to address adoption barriers of the modern intranet.

The True End Game

The fact of the matter is that intranets serve as the source of collaboration and information. Because they handle many mission critical functions, they also come at a high price point. The trick is to make the most out of your investment and drive adoption to ensure organizational success.

At its core, human resources wants to drive more adoption in the digital workplace for years to come. The last thing organizations should do is see this technology as another project with a deadline. Instead, companies should view it as an evolving and dynamic space to foster more collaboration and communication.

Now if you’re ready to upgrade your conventional system or roll out a new intranet solution, it’s important to have a plan. Here are some trending features.

Be Culture Centric

Intranets now serve as a cultural hub for your company. It makes data accessible and streamlines communication protocols. This puts culture and employees at the center of this technology.

The goal of this culture strategy is to drive adoption. Expect more features like push notifications, engagement metrics and workforce connectivity. This will reflect upon your workplace environment.

These features propel organizations to grant more recognitions, rewards, birthday wishes and work anniversaries. Storytelling offers greater insights than just a mere corporate directory. Therefore, a modern intranet has made it possible for employees to connect in many ways. 

Prompt and Relevant Content

One of the most trending features of modern intranets is providing prompt content. Unlike old school systems, relevancy and time is crucial when engaging today’s workforce. Besides, prompt and relevant updates are vital to support business functionalities and processes.

In fact, every piece of information related to the existing dynamics of a company can remain in a dedicated portal. Organizations can now also use smart solutions like content managers to update, review and publish content easily. This approach also creates a more constant flow of feedback from all employees and ensures uploaded information is relevant and valuable.


Employers understand that social media is more influential than ever and social sharing within the digital workplace has its benefits. Companies can adopt well designed and interactive widgets that include features to share, like and post.

This gives workers a chance to create new groups and then exchange relevant information without an added cost. Integrating the company’s social media network through embedded feeds, comments and likes on personal stories further increases employee adoption.

Personal Touch

When it comes to ease of accessing information, personalization is at the center of intranets. Gone are the days when content managers had no choice but to depend on IT departments to update relevant posts. This leads to a direct line between the HR team and everyone else. 

Employee engagement on the basis of personal connection increases usage and reinforces a people first culture. You can customize content in terms of location, administration role, job role and professional or personal interests. 

Some tools allow the reader to opt in to those interests. Others are more manually curated, with the communications team deciding who sees what. Regardless, they all have some degree of customization. 

Mobile Engagement

Digital workplace solutions are now mobile first. Companies often roll out a responsive design that ensures an efficient and interactive intranet access across smartphones and other devices.

Mobile accessibility also leads to a more satisfying user experience. One vital feature for the modern workforce? Allowing staff to log in despite geographical restraints. 

A mobile intranet provides employees a simple and convenient way to access and consume information and then make efficient interactions.

AI Powered Solutions

Messaging comes standard in many solutions. However, companies can take one step further, and use AI chatbots for support functionality. Chatbots are not a new trend, but AI enhanced tools save time and boost productivity. 

Organizations view chatbots as trusted and reliable. The traditional chatbot assists employees in getting instant access to specific information on a messaging channel. It helps employees and managers find the answers to specific user questions from external items as well, like a knowledge base, CRM, HCM or ERP. 

What is key is that these integrations all lead back to the intranet. It provides a one stop portal for all business applications. 

A Modern Intranet Solution

There’s a lot of talk about the future of work. Yet, it's modern solutions that create this future. Advanced intranet software is at the forefront of internal communication and employee experience.

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