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on October 8, 2019 Employee Benefits

The Best Ways to Communicate Benefits During Open Enrollment

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The open enrollment season is vital to every workplace. It should be a good thing, as employees are signing up to utilize the benefits that their employers are offering. Unfortunately, however many employees, both in the HR department and company wide, tend to dread open enrollment because it means that they are about to be bombarded with a bunch of dry information. 

Having this approach to open enrollment can be very dangerous, as communicating employee benefits is crucial to any successful workplace. That is why companies need to communicate these benefits in a fun and engaging way. Here are some of the best unique methods for communicating benefits during open enrollment. 

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Create a Benefits Video

Although emails are capable of getting large portions of information across, most employees already have to deal with upwards of hundreds of emails per day. Therefore, another email - even if it does contain important benefits information - is likely going to get lost or ignored by the vast majority of employees. 

However, something that is not often utilized to explain benefits is video content. Not only do videos stand out more, enabling higher click-rates, it is also more engaging. In fact, almost half of all employees believe that video is the most engaging form of communication there is. By taking the time to create a video that explains the various benefits, it can help employees pay attention to the information and retain it much better than any other form of communication. 

Display Digital Signage

Rather than creating an electronic document for employees to hunt down in their inboxes, every time that they want to find out what the various benefits are, a much better option is to create a static place for the list of benefits to be displayed. Unfortunately, many traditional signs go ignored or lack the eye-catching qualities needed to help employees pay attention.

In order to get the best results possible, companies should develop digital signage and display it around the workplace. Digital signage has been shown to get the attention of employees 400 percent better than traditional signs, making them an effective and unique way to communicate benefits during open enrollment. 

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Gamify the Benefits

Who doesn't love playing games? By taking the time to think of ways to turn the benefits into some sort of interactive game, your organization allows your employees to become much more invested during the open enrollment season. There are various methods that can be used, such as implementing a comic book or board game theme into the benefits. While this will take a bit more work to develop, it is sure to end up receiving much better results than any sort of simple infographic or email would. 

The time that it takes to sit down and create a comprehensive benefits plan is not something that should go to waste simply because companies can’t get their employees to pay attention to it. The best way to avoid this from occurring is to implement these unique ways to communicate benefits during the open enrollment season. To get help improve this and other forms of communication, contact us today.

Sydnie Fultz

Creative Content Manager

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