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on June 14, 2018 Internal Communications Human Resources Employee Engagement Newsletters

6 Ways To Use Your Company Newsletter To Boost Employee Morale

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Morale is no joke.  Poor employee morale has been responsible for more than its fair share of disasters. Maintaining high motivation and positive sentiment can be difficult, requiring you to be attentive to your employees and implement strategies to boost their moods, even while performing mundane tasks. While there are quite a few things you can do in and out of the office, many employers neglect one of the easiest ways to do this: their company newsletter.

If you wield your newsletter correctly, you can use it to keep your employees in the loop while simultaneously upping morale. Here are 6 things you can add to help boost morale.

1. Vote for Company Outings

Company outings promote your team to get to know each other while working together and boosting morale at the same time.  So, why not get your employees in on the decision?

Next time you have a company event, consider offering a vote on where it will be held. This will give employees a sense of control and meaning, thus boosting their overall satisfaction at work.

2. Cut Down on Emails

A full and messy inbox is a stress-inducer for anyone. Help your employees keep that clutter down by providing key information in one place.

Instead of sending an email out for everything that happens, save that for the important stuff. The rest of your announcements should be held in your newsletter.

3. Request Feedback

Your newsletter is a great place to reach out to everyone in your company. Use this time wisely by asking for feedback whenever you can.

For example, let's say you just launched a new design for a product label.  Your employees will feel more valued if you take the time to ask if they have any input or ideas.  Take the time to ask if anyone has any input or ideas. This will lead to your employees feeling more in control, plus it could lead to some really great developments for your business overall!

4. Recognize Personal Achievements

You should be implementing a spot to showcase the achievements of your employees. Think of it as a less formal "Employee of the Month."

Jill just closed that huge deal? Let everyone know by congratulating her in a dedicated section. This will help to increase your employees' morale, by making them feel more valued within the company.

5. Add Some Fun

If your newsletter reads more like a boardroom meeting, you have an issue. Take some time to make it fun and engaging. This way, employees will actually want to read it.

Consider maybe adding a section where you could list some of the funny things that have happened throughout the week, this is a great way to break it up and infuse some humor in more serious and professional environments.

6. Offer Coupons or Discounts

If you can, insert in some special promotions or perks for your employees to enjoy. This could even just be for some local food places where they tend to enjoy lunch.

Again this just helps make your employees feel valued, which increases engagement and enthusiasm. Overall, if you implemented just a few of these ideas, you should see an increase in your company morale.

Don't forget that that morale extends way beyond the inbox, and you need to be working towards promoting a positive atmosphere outside of your employee's emails as well. Newsletters are not a replacement for standard morale-raising tactics, but will help you on your road along the way to workplace satisfaction and success.