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on October 1, 2020 Internal Communications Human Resources Future of work

You Just Purchased an Employee App. Now What?

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It’s easy to get a new gadget out of the box and then struggle to figure out how to use all of its high tech features. For instance, while many people own a programmable coffee machine, they never figured out how to set it up, missing out on a perfect cup waiting for them in the morning.

Companies can end up facing the same dilemma when they acquire a new software platform. The product may have a lot of bells and whistles that you don’t need, and one or two features that work well that are hard to find in all the clutter.  The communication platform/application should improve business success by improving the flow of the communications cadence, engaging employees across departments and facilitating a strong content strategy.

Now What?

A good employee app should have the functionality to streamline the cadence of communication throughout the organization so consistency of messaging, tone and brand can be easily achieved. 

A good app allows announcements and updates to be targeted to specific work groups or shared across the organization in real-time. This capability allows communications teams to have the confidence that everyone is receiving timely, relevant updates and reliable information. This is especially important regarding crisis communications with the global pandemic.

Enhancing cross-departmental collaboration is another important feature internal communications teams should expect from a good employee app. The modern business realizes that no department is an island. However, there is a long history of departments working in silos. A good employee app should have features that dismantle these silos and facilitate collaboration. Tools that facilitate real-time collaboration from different locations are a must. 

As many offices continue to work remotely during the pandemic, tools that build an organizational culture and keep people connected remotely are also much needed. Previously, companies have used platforms that stand alone from other communication channels for this purpose. An employee app can offer an integrated platform that alleviates the need for employees to stay apprised of content coming at them from multiple directions. 

A well-designed app can also tighten a content strategy by streamlining communications. In addition to multiple communication formats being available in one place, a good app can funnel communications from multiple sources and disseminate it with a consistent brand and feel. 

Consistency & Results Measurement

Employee apps also allow communications teams to quickly and consistently publish to all relevant communications channels simultaneously. This ensures that every stakeholder that needs to hear the message is getting the same thing at the same time.

The data collection capabilities of an employee app also make it easier to track the efficacy of a content plan. The data can be used to see what type of employee is accessing a certain type of content, and what type of content is generating the greatest interest and utility. 

Employee apps have the power to integrate a range of organizational needs, including newsletters, media monitoring, crisis communications, benefits and HR documents, and engagement surveys. Internal communications teams can try all of the features right out of the box when they know how an app can enhance their communication plan. 

What should your organization use your employee app for?

If you’re looking for help on how to further improve your plan or other areas of your internal communications, then contact us at backstitch today. We are happy to share our employee experience software platform that helps organizations measure and manage enterprise benefits and change communications.

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