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on January 17, 2020 Internal Communications

4 Ways to Get Employees to Share Company Content on their Social Media

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Employee engagement is something that all companies strive to achieve, but only a few get the rate that they hope for. One area where employee engagement is especially beneficial is when it comes to social media marketing. This is because brand messages have been shown to get a 571 percent increase in audience reach when shared by employees, in addition to the company social media accounts. 

For this reason, it is incredibly beneficial to encourage your employees to share your company’s content on their social media, making them valuable brand advocates for your company. Here are four ways that you can help to get more employees to interact with your corporate social media accounts. 

1. Add Gamification to Social Media Interactions

Employees can be highly motivated by additional perks like gamification, or the use of game elements to accomplish a specific goal, such as increased social media use. Stimulating competition is a great way to motivate employees - create a competition for who can gather the most likes, comments, and shares for the corporate posts. 

By using a simple tracking system, you can run a weekly or monthly competition where the winner is awarded a prize, like a gift card or free lunch. This will help get the employees in a friendly competition with one another for who can engage with the most company content.

2. Allow Social Media Use at Work

When employees are strongly discouraged from using social media, they can feel much less willing to go out of their way to share the company’s social media posts. If you want your employees to engage with your company’s social media, it is important to create a workplace atmosphere where it is made clear that appropriate social media use among employees is perfectly fine. Considering the fact that 77 percent of employees already use social media while working, having an overly strict social media policy is going to do much more harm than good. 

Having a sense of trust that employees are going to use their social media responsibly is often the only nudge they need in order to use their social media time to share a post or two from the company. 

3. Share More Third-Party Content

A lot of employees might worry that sharing overly promotional content will perform very poorly with their friends or followers, making them seem annoying on social media. However, if your company account is sharing a good amount of third-party informative content and being authentic in tone, employees will likely be much more comfortable sharing your content. By providing relevant, third party content, you can provide others with valuable content while still receiving the benefits of increased post-shares and brand recognition.

4. Demonstrate How Sharing Corporate Content Can Help Their Careers

It is very common for employers to assess their employees’ - or potential employees’ - social media accounts. For this reason, it would benefit employees to be sharing relevant industry content on their social media accounts. It is clear that the employee cares about the company and their work when they share the company’s posts with pride. 

Using these four tactics should help to significantly boost the number of your employees that regularly engage with your corporate social media content. To get more help improving other forms of employee engagement, contact us today.

Sydnie Fultz

Creative Content Manager

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