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on April 9, 2020 Internal Communications

Why You Should Mobile-Optimize Your Internal Communications

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When it comes to workplace communications, there are a lot of different methods to choose from. Email and face-to-face meetings, of course, are the most widely used, but these often fall short. This is especially considering the recent shift toward remote work, as well as the fact that employees get hundreds of emails a day, leading to them getting ignored.

For this reason, many companies today are leveraging technology and communicating through mobile devices. According to BankMyCell, 79 percent of Americans now own a mobile device, meaning most employees already own a cell phone. There has never been a better time to use mobile communications in the workplace. 

However, knowing that mobile communication is important is only half of the battle. Companies need to determine how to make their mobile communications as effective as possible. We’ve included three methods on how to optimize internal communications for mobile devices. 

Use Push Notifications

According to a study by the New York Post, Americans check their phones every 12 minutes, or 80 times a day. Albeit shocking, this stat makes it clear that employees are likely to see notifications that appear on their phone. For this reason, using a tool that allows you to send Push Notifications when you send an update is very beneficial. 

When someone sees a little red number next to a mobile app, they might check it, but it could easily be put off for several hours. However, when a push notification comes to their phone, they can preview the content. This causes them to make an immediate decision of whether or not to open the app. 

Post Attention Grabbing Subject Lines

It is clear that push notifications are a valuable method for internal communications. However, the influx of notifications that employees already receive from apps, news sources, and more can become overwhelming. You must therefore be strategic in creating a notification that captures employees attention.

Create subject lines that grab the attention of your employees. This does not mean creating click-bait headlines that send your employees into fear, making unrealistic promises, or presenting false claims. Rather, this means throwing in a joke, a catchy rhyme, or an intriguing fact. 

Another idea to catch employees attention is to include emojis into your taglines. These make the notifications pop, especially compared to other notifications they are receiving. 

Leverage a Variety of Mobile Communication Channels

Finally, utilizing different forms of mobile communications is a great way to ensure employees engage with the content.

Using a combination of different mediums, such as text message and mobile app notifications, not only ensures more readers, it also allows employees to use the methods they prefer. 

In addition to text message and mobile app notifications, employees could also combine email notifications and in person (or virtual) meetings - so long as they’re not stand-alone. By utilizing the different methods, employees will be able to see your communications, no matter what source they check the most. 

By following these important tips, you will be able to see a significant improvement in your mobile internal communication. To find out other ways to optimize your internal communication, contact us today.

3 ways to mobile optimize


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Sydnie Fultz

Creative Content Manager