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Resilience Training: Equipping Employees to Thrive Amid Challenges

Everyone falls on tough times or faces the occasional setback. How we respond in the face of these events and bounce back can be summed up in one word...

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Shape Your Company Culture with Employee Feedback

Employee feedback is a cornerstone of organizational success, playing a pivotal role in shaping company culture and driving continuous improvement. By...

Human Resources Employee App The Stitch

The Power of Employee Resource Groups

As we continue into 2024, now is a great time to examine your workplace and its diversity initiatives. How do you create an environment where every em...

Human Resources Employee App The Stitch

Mastering the Art of Transparent Communication in HR with Your Employee App

The workplace has changed drastically in the last few years. With the advent of remote work, employees that were once a cubicle away may now be workin...

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Personalize Employee Communication with an Employee App: Tailoring Messages for Maximum Impact

The dynamic world of HR; where the pulse of success is synchronized with one crucial rhythm—communication. In this age of rapid change and innovation,...

Employee App The Stitch

Top Features to Look for in an Employee App: A Checklist for HR Teams

As the workforce becomes more mobile and remote, employee apps have become a popular tool for HR teams to stay connected with their employees. These a...

Internal Communications Future of work Employee App

The Future of Employee Tools is Mobile First

These days, many apps are designed to fit a mobile phone screen before anything else. For a lot of developers, this is because it is easier to design ...

Internal Communications Human Resources Future of work Employee App

Make Your Employee Portal a One Stop Shop

Flexibility in the workplace has given employees many different options. Remote options have given them control on where and when they work. BYOD allo...

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Our Favorite Resources to Add to Your HR Toolkit

We are big fans of having a deep and diverse toolkit at backstitch. Since our employee app can collect different content across multiple channels, wor...

Internal Communications Human Resources Multigenerational Workforce Future of work Employee Engagement Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Employee App

Why Mobile Accessibility is a Must Have for Your Intranet

Too many companies have operated with the assumption that people don’t have a computer in their pocket. However, many possess the ability to access an...