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on December 30, 2023 Human Resources Employee App The Stitch

Mastering the Art of Transparent Communication in HR with Your Employee App

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The workplace has changed drastically in the last few years. With the advent of remote work, employees that were once a cubicle away may now be working hundreds of miles from the company headquarters. As offices continue to evolve, employee communication has become crucial to a successful working environment.

While clear and transparent communication may seem like a daunting task when employees are states away, HR teams can easily and effectively create a culture of transparency by using their employee app.

Send Out Real-time Updates

An important email or voicemail can easily be lost in the shuffle during a busy work day. If updates are urgent, sending this information through an employee app allows for an immediate response from the employees or team involved. Messages can be targeted by role and location, meaning remote workers and freelancers can instantly be reached.

The employee app is particularly useful for communicating shift changes to all employees. If a team member is needed, the entire staff can be quickly notified, and a response can be documented and confirmed.

Sharing important news and updates with employees increases their engagement. Through immediate and clear communication, employees feel their role and opinions are valued.

Communicate the Value of Your Benefits

Employees frequently find the benefits education and enrollment process to be an overwhelming experience. For HR, enrollment season represents a massive amount of work that could take time away from connecting with employees.

By integrating benefits into an employee app, the enrollment process becomes much easier, for HR and for staff. Push notifications can be sent out, reminding employees of upcoming deadlines and information. An explanation of plan options and features helps employees understand and appreciate the benefits they receive.

Additionally, taking the process virtually results in better outcomes for employees. Studies show more than 8 in 10 employers that use technology during their enrollment process improves employee benefits enrollment.

Host Important Documents

An employee app also allows HR to go paperless! The app can be a one-stop shop for all employee agreements, forms and policies. Employees can also sign agreements virtually, eliminating the headache for remote workers.

Beyond timesheets, vacation leave and payroll, the app can be a hub for company media. Training videos, employee handbooks and overall organization goals can feature front and center—promoting the company culture and helping employees feel connected and excited about their work.

Start Communicating Today

With an employee app, everything is accessible in one location, whether you’re in the office or on-the-go.



Liang Deng

Chief of Staff