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on June 22, 2021 Internal Communications Human Resources

Don't Forget Remote Employees in Your Internal Communication Plan

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Organizations are in the process of modernizing their operations. Many companies have adopted digital solutions. This led to acceptance of remote work. Now, they must tie everything together with a solid communication plan. 

One benefit of a digital first strategy is that internal communications no longer need to be dropped on desks or conducted in person in conference rooms. A wide variety of SaaS tools are another new normal when it comes to updating employees. 

From internal newsletters to instant messaging, there’s a lot of communication channels out there. Unfortunately, although many businesses are adopting remote hybrid operations, telecommuters still fall through the cracks.

At the end of the day, there really is no reason that off site staff should be left out of the loop. Here are three major reasons why remote staff should not be left out of internal communications. 

Reduced Productivity

Internal communications are the backbone of successful, adaptable modern-day businesses. They ensure that individual employees, large teams and entire departments are able to adjust their processes accordingly in a rapidly changing business environment. 

Essentially, internal messages act as the central terminal of your business. It connects all departments and directs people where to go. In a properly structured system, these messages will be delivered through to every member, regardless of where they are working. 

When remote members are left out of the internal communications loop, a cascade of inefficiencies begins. These employees are now acting on outdated information that wastes time at best and can lead to costly errors at worst. 

Furthermore, your remote staff will now have to catch up on all the information they missed. This results in added time spent by HR or management to reiterate vital intel that has already been delivered once.  

Deteriorating Team Cohesion

Team cohesion doesn't get enough recognition as a beneficial outcome of successfully executed internal communications. But when businesses internally communicate with their staff on an organizational scale, they are reinforcing a set of collective values and helping employees identify with one another. 

Companies that have a strong sense of engagement with their organization are more profitable

On the flip side of that coin, when a subset of individuals is left out of internal communications, the organizational bond is weakened. Although this often occurs unintentionally, the overlooked parties are essentially neglected by their own company. 

This leaves a group of employees negatively impacted by the experience. Being mindful of their unique needs can help address these cohesion issues

Employee Stress and Burnout

Companies are still experimenting with remote work, so it's too early to tell how the long-term effects on employee wellbeing are going to pan out. 

On the one hand, the lack of commute and increased time spent with loved ones undoubtedly has a positive impact. On the other hand, employees have also reported a blurring of the division between work and life. This in turn can lead to negative mental health effects. 

Remote work can be a challenge at the best of times. But, being skipped over by internal communications creates an additional layer of stress. 

Do More: Address Mental Health in Your Leadership Scorecard

Telecommuters don't have the luxury of working in an office where coworkers can casually fill them up to speed. Instead, addressing the information gap can require reworking schedules, booking conference calls or additional reading. All of these act as added stressors to more vulnerable employees. 

A well crafted internal communication plan can address these issues.

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Sydnie Fultz

Creative Content Manager

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