Employee Reengagement Worksheet

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Need to bring back disengaged employees?

Employee engagement is important. Disengagement is through the roof in the American workplace, but it's not all hopeless. Even if you lose the attention of some of your employees, you can work to get it back. This worksheet can help you strategize and design your employee reengagement campaign.

Who are you reaching out to?

Any kind of communication always starts with figuring out your audience, and the same goes for any kind of employee communications. 

What will you say?

If you don't have a good message, no one will care enough to listen to you. Engaging content is key in internal communications.

Why are you creating this?

Make sure your communications campaign has a purpose. Create a purposeful Call-to-Action that nudges your employees to follow through.

How can you improve?

Ran a successful campaign? Created uninteresting communications? Take not of what worked– and what didn't, and use it to improve your process.

Where to go from here?

You've built your campaign, sent it out, and collected feedback. Now, take everything you have done and use it to plan your next employee engagement campaign. 

Start Building Your Campaign Today

With the Employee Reengagement Worksheet, you can design your own communications campaign for your internal audience. Strategize crafting the right message to the relevant people through the proper channels. 

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