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on June 29, 2021 Internal Communications Human Resources Employee Engagement Newsletters

Communication Tips Every HR Manager Needs to Know

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Communication is a key part of life. It’s a truly necessary skill in both private life and the workplace. In the work environment, employees are talking to customers or clients, co-workers and management. However, different audiences require different standards. 

How can organizations differentiate their audiences, while also consolidating all communications? 

They must leverage human resources management. HR is the connecting point between management and employees. They must communicate on both individual and company wide bases. From employee training to company news, from benefits to payroll – HR is the center of all these issues.

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Tackling all these issues can be challenging. As with any complex situation, getting organized is essential. Establish a communications plan and streamline all channels. Here are some tips that can help you establish an effective strategy and unlock the full potential of your human resources department. 

Establish a Communications Plan

There are all kinds of department specific plans at work in any company, from marketing to sales. Still, organizations typically focus on their messaging to external groups. Make sure to establish a plan for internal communication too. 

Begin by conducting an audit and set your goals from there. Settle on your channels and choose your content. Leverage a content calendar, and send out your messages to the right people. 

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Once a plan is in place, it’s important to always improve it. Run through AB tests, and adopt the good while throwing away the bad. 

Focus on Company Culture

Aligning individual employee goals with company goals can lead to increased productivity and a more positive work environment. HR can help facilitate that on many levels. 

Encourage professional education and training. Standardize goals between different departments. Finally, report on various achievements. Many employees appreciate companies investing in their personal growth. 

By creating a transparent and supportive work culture, HR can promote team spirit and create a positive workspace.

Share Engaging Content

Sending out information is useless if no one reads it. How can HR add excitement to their messages?

First, learn the target audience. What are they interested in? What information can benefit them? Surveys are a great starting point that can help you learn about your employees and their interests.

Based on the results you then choose the content you want to share with a specific group or individuals. Since employees constantly read and compose emails, you may want to ensure that your shared content takes less time away from them and stands out. Infographics, videos, or other visual formats may be more engaging than just another email. Or, create fun newsletters.

Streamline Communication

Adhering to these points can be time consuming, especially since you may need to carefully plan each step. Organizations need a tool that can bring everything together. 

See how backstitch's all-in-one solution can solve your HR communications dilemma. 

Sydnie Fultz

Creative Content Manager

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