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on March 21, 2019 Employee Engagement

5 Employee Recognition Tips for Healthcare Workers

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Keeping employees happy is a crucial part of achieving quality results in the workplace. This seems pretty obvious, and yet many companies do not do enough to make sure their employees are satisfied with their work life. Instead, they sometimes value their clients or customers over their own work family.

It is especially important to keep healthcare workers happy, because they also care for the wellbeing of others. Therefore, in this industry, the passion and dedication required by employees goes beyond just getting the job done. After all, these are the people who care for us and our loved ones, so it is imperative that they continue to care about their jobs.

Employers can help keep their employees happy by following this list of the top five employee recognition tips for healthcare workers.

1. A Few Words Go a Long Way

The importance of saying “thank you” or “great job” is something we were all taught even before we got to grade one. In a busy environment like healthcare, showing gratitude or complimenting employees on a job well done may not happen as often as it should. Taking a few moments to say “thank you” or “great job” is sometimes all it takes to turn an employee’s day from bad to good. This, in turn, will improve your employee’s performance, and that extra care will pass along to their patients.

2. Celebrate Milestones

If someone has been working with you for a year, make sure you are celebrating it. Recognizing milestones at work is a fantastic way to not only show a healthcare employee you are paying attention to them but that you actually care too. The more you celebrate their achievements, the more they will want to do good for the company.

3. Give Them a Bragging Platform

What good is an achievement if no one knows about it? If an employee has worked the most hours or received the most positive feedback from patients, think about publicly displaying this in the workplace. One very popular way of doing this is by having an employee of the month wall. Or, in a high tech facility, take advantage of digital signage options.  This method can be very low friction and simple way to remind workers you care about them and the job they do.

4. Plan a Rewards and Recognition System

When employers hear the term “reward system,” they think it requires a lot of work but these systems can actually be quite simple. They may even require as little as a box of donuts. As long as you are regularly doing something for employees to show your appreciation, then they will be much happier, and their performance will ultimately reflect that.  

5. Offer Flexible Time Off

Healthcare employees are some of the most overworked. Offering additional time off is a good opportunity to show them that hard work literally pays off. Set up an easy tracking system that awards them an additional day off every time they work a certain number of hours. They will likely be happier to put in more than their standard 40 hours when they know they are earning a reward for it.

To learn more about how you can use these and other helpful tips to improve your workplace, contact our team of experts today.

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