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on April 8, 2021 Internal Communications Employee Engagement Newsletters

How to Use Puzzles to Drive Engagement in Your Employee Newsletter

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An employee newsletter keeps employees informed about what’s going on in the company. It’s also a way of keeping them motivated and happy about what they do. Because of this, many businesses who value work culture send out newsletters to their employees. 

No matter what line of business you are in, your employee newsletter can do more than provide information to its readers. Regardless of content, it’s possible to add a little extra fun so it’s even more of a pleasure to read. Making your internal communications more enjoyable will boost employee engagement. 

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There are many creative ways to incorporate fun activities into your employee newsletter, including puzzles.

Use Creative Ideas

There’s a reason the New York Times’ crosswords are so famous. Puzzles are fun and engaging. Crosswords are easy to make, and it can draw an employees' eye to the newsletter in their inbox.

Other popular puzzles include word searches, sudokus, and codewords. The employee responsible for the newsletter can be creative and generate their own puzzles or ask others for their input. It can also include the answers from the previous newsletter’s puzzles for employees to check back on their answers.

Depending on the context of a specific employee newsletter, they can include a survey within the employee platform to ask for feedback on the puzzles. Other employees might have creative suggestions they can make into puzzle ideas. Employees can even contribute by submitting their own original activities. 

Further, the newsletter tool should track engagement rates to see which puzzles get played most. Another idea is to dedicate certain types to a specific day of the week and save the most popular ones for important days. This will drive the highest engagement rates. 

Make It Informative

Puzzles don’t have to just be for fun. They can provide a training component too. Incorporate a learning development spin to the company internal newsletter. 

You can also include a theme that relates to the company’s culture. For example, the puzzle’s theme could help them brainstorm ideas for a current project. As an alternative, a crossword containing industry concepts could be fun. Or, post trivia regarding the company's history and vision. 

If the company is launching a new product or service, the activity can also be used as useful training aids for employee newsletters. Puzzles can also help strengthen product or service awareness. Newsletters can become both engaging and informative. 

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Provide Incentives

If you really want to get your employees excited, you can offer incentives for those who complete the newsletters’ puzzles. For example, for the first person to correctly submit their puzzle wins a small prize along with recognition. Plus, incentives generate buzz and get employees excited about the company’s culture. It’s important to keep your team energized and motivated with fun-filled activities. 

Easily Share Your Employee Newsletter

Effective communication tools empower employees to do their best work by giving them easy access to the information they need. Including fun-filled activities in your employee newsletter work as a type of refresher for boosting employee motivation, but you need the proper means to share these activities.

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