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on August 29, 2019 Internal Communications

Why You Need to Provide a Messaging App for Frontline Employees

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Proper communication is paramount in the workplace, which is why employers need to be making sure that they are taking advantage of every possible resource in order to establish a sufficient communication network with all of their employees. While the vast majority of companies tend to have good communication set up between the executives and office workers, many of them lack proper communications channels for the frontline employees.

This is something that no company should be doing since it weakens their overall communication structure. Instead, companies should be giving their frontline employees a messaging app that allows them to keep an open channel of communication with the company and their coworkers at all times. Here are some of the benefits that a messaging app can provide frontline employees. 

Keep Everything Organized

First, a messaging app allows frontline employees to easily contact other frontline employees as well as upper management on a daily basis. It also streamlines all of their communications into one messaging thread, rather than several different emails that are often lost. Having this fast and organized method of communication is extremely important for time sensitive issues such as scheduling, sick or late notices, and questions or concerns regarding upcoming deadlines. 

Training Made Easy

Employee training does not end after they complete the initial training materials. It should be an ongoing process that continuously improves the performance and skill set of the employees. However, when a new method or tactic gets introduced to the company, it can sometimes be difficult to ensure that each employee gets the new training material and understands how to follow its guidelines. This is one of many scenarios where a frontline messaging app would be very valuable to a company.

Communication apps can also allow employers to instantly share training materials, forms, and messages to all employees at once. There are even some apps, like backstitch Reader , that allow employees to be organized by teams and departments. This enables the employer to share things especially relevant to each group. Through this, employers can ensure that only certain employees are receiving information and everyone at the company is not becoming bombarded with irrelevant communications. 

By having the information on a digital platform like a messaging app, employees can quickly access it at any time. They can also easily ask management any questions regarding the new training materials, which helps to ensure that every employee is on the same page.

Inclusive Communication With Security

The problem with traditional communication methods is that many frontline employees do not have things like email addresses or work numbers where they can be easily reached. However, almost all employees have smartphones, which can be used to access a messaging app. Therefore, with messaging apps like backstitch Reader,  all employees can be included in communications channels, even those without any sort of corporate email address.

To find out more about how companies can better communicate with their frontline employees, contact our team of professionals today. 

Sydnie Fultz

Creative Content Manager

backstitch Reader also provides end-to-end encryption (something that many messaging apps do not offer).

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