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on June 6, 2019 Internal Communications

How to Solve Communication Challenges in Manufacturing

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The manufacturing industry is vital to almost every economy around the world. For any business that produces a physical product, they need someone to construct that product, and this is where frontline workers come in handy. Having a great manufacturing team can mean the difference between a company becoming incredibly successful or going under. This is exactly why all companies should make communications within their manufacturing departments a top priority.

Unfortunately, there are several common challenges that arise when it comes to manufacturing communications. These challenges can create a broken communication system which brings down the entire company. Luckily, we’re here to help explain to you exactly what these common communication challenges are and how to solve them.

Limited Means of Communication

For most employees at a company, communicating with them is a breeze. You can simply choose one of the several different communication channels that you have with them and go from there. However, when it comes to manufacturing, things are a bit different.

Frontline workers might not have workplace email addresses as there is generally no need for them to have one. This can create a bit of a problem because it provides limited options. Companies will often have to resort to using verbal or paper forms of communication instead. These often lack the efficacy of digital communication because verbal is only accessible one time, and paper is easy to have destroyed or misplaced.

Use of Digital Displays

In order to circumvent the challenges of manufacturing employees not having emails to regularly check, many companies implement the use of digital displays. These can be an incredibly helpful form of communication that is accessible to all frontline employees. If used properly, they can help to display company announcements, updated product information, safety procedures, and much more. However, digital displays also come with their own set of issues.

When used in a manufacturing setting, digital signage are often exposed to a lot of dust, dirt, debris, extreme heat, and other hazards in the workplace. This can result in their screens becoming cracked or dirty. Once this happens, the digital displays become useless until they are repaired, while their high visibility becomes a constant reminder of inefficiencies in their company. Unfortunately, repairing them can often be a lengthy and expensive process.

Mobile Technology and Employee Apps

Even though most manufacturing employees do not have their own company email, it does not mean that they can’t be digitally communicated with. They often still have their mobile devices readily available, which means that an employee app can be an effective communication method. You can set up an employee app that does not require a workplace email. Then allow for push notifications so whenever a new piece of relevant internal communications comes out, they’ll be made aware of it. Finally, an employee app can also provide metrics so you know your message was received, something that paper and display communications cannot track.

It is crucial that a company has effective communication with every one of their employees. To find out more about how your company can improve its internal communications, contact us today.

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