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on March 9, 2021 Internal Communications Human Resources Employee Engagement

Using Your Employee App as a Self-Service Learning Development Portal

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As employees spend more time using mobile devices, employers should start offering online learning options accessible through an employee app. 

These apps do not just target working millennials and Generation Z. The multigenerational workforce can also benefit from an intuitive, useful platform that offers learning resources. 

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Employee apps can serve a purpose beyond providing strictly job-related information and resources. They can inspire employees on topics relevant to the business or events in the outside world. 

An employee app allows for learning development by offering information on training, skill-building and industry news.

Employee Training

Employee training can be tough to implement, especially if the company has gone completely virtual. With the COVID-19 pandemic, onboarding new employees has never been more challenging. On the other hand, technology has never been better at improving employee experience. 

New hires may feel lost in their employee training, especially for industries where in-person training programs are more appropriate. As a result, an employee might not reap all the intended benefits if they feel that they are left on their own devices. 

An employee app can provide new hires with instant job support. More seasoned workers can even share tailored resources they find helpful. All employees benefit from greater exposure to policies and procedures. 

Developing Skills

Training and development should not be applied only during the onboarding process. Seasoned veterans can benefit greatly from learning programs and talent development sessions. 

An employee app promotes developing skills that employees can apply in their work. In fact, they may feel that they have little time to learn outside of a busy schedule. 

A flexible employee app provides employees an easy way to learn beyond regular work hours. Presenting a platform for employees to learn and grow on their own time will build trust and lessen stress. Skill development and training methods should be interactive to accommodate different learning styles. 

If your organization already possesses a talent development program, use the employee app to drive more users. Take advantage of push notifications and a one stop portal to reach employees and boost participation. 

Industry News

Employees need to know what’s going in the world, including changes in their industry. Knowledgeable employees who know more beyond what’s happening in their workplace are more successful at developing innovative business solutions. 

Staying informed on industry trends builds a business’s reputation and value by keeping on top of the newest developments impacting your business. Further, employers who encourage outside learning help their employees develop their potential and draw on the inspiration and apply it to their projects. 

The most successful people spend regular time reading up on the latest news in their field. Why not make it easier for employees by having this information available on your employee app?

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Employers can encourage their employees to continue learning with the right employee app. New employees won’t feel left out with a virtual onboarding process. It provides multiple channels for communication between employer and employee, such as instant messaging, email and sms. 

An employee app boosts communication between employers and employees and provides all employee related tools in one platform. It makes employee collaboration and accessing employee resources seamless. For employers, it makes it easier to share employee training materials.

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