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on May 4, 2020 Employee Engagement

Trends in Digital Employee Communication

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It is estimated that in just a few years, 75 percent of the entire workforce will be Millennials, with Gen Z close behind. According to studies, Millennials and Gen Z employees prefer digital communications. Thus, there has never been a more important time to ensure your digital communication strategies are streamlined and efficient.

To help you accomplish this, we’ve included some of the biggest trends in digital employee communications.

Messaging Personalization

Whenever an employee receives an email, text message, social media direct message, or any other form of digital communication, they want it to be relevant to them. If after a quick skim it doesn’t feel like it is, they won’t engage with the content. Therefore, you need to ensure that every piece of digital communication is personalized to the recipient. 

To accomplish this, there are varying degrees of personalization, each requiring different amounts of prep work. However, an easy first step is segmenting employees into a wide variety of groups. Most internal communications systems allow you to do this based on demographics, departments, teams and more.

Therefore, when you need to communicate to your employees, you can simply select the group that it directly applies to. This lowers the chances that employees receive irrelevant communications, thus increasing the chances they read the message. 

Employee Apps

Today, the vast majority of employees own smartphones, making it a great time to utilize an employee app for digital communications. Everyday, more companies are adopting company apps because of their value to both the employees and the company itself. One of the benefits of an employee app is the ability to push content no matter where the employee is.

A mobile app ensures that communications between employer and employee are not instantly shut down at 5 pm every day. Instead, it is a continually evolving relationship that allows important information to be delivered to the people that need to see them.

Moving to Non-Traditional Mediums

Many companies stick to communicating with their employees through email or in-person. However, a lot more companies are beginning to switch to less traditional methods of communication instead. For example, podcasts, videos, and social media are all becoming more common methods for employer-employee communications.

These are things that were unthinkable only a few years ago are becoming the norm in some industries. Podcasts are being used to explain certain workplace topics in-depth and social media interactions are being used by 56 percent of employers in order to communicate with employees.

Communication tips infographic

Make sure to take advantage of these trends in order to make your digital employee communication as effective as possible. To get help improving your internal communication in other ways, make sure to contact our team today.

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Sydnie Fultz

Creative Content Manager