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on October 15, 2019 Internal Communications Employee Engagement

Make Your Digital Signage Communications More Engaging

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Implementing digital signage into the workplace can be one of the most beneficial things that a company does. In fact, by simply including a few digital signs throughout the office, companies can increase the engagement and productivity of their employees by as much as 22 percent

In order to accomplish this, companies need to make digital signage communications as engaging as possible.

Here are a few simple tactics to optimize your digital signage solutions throughout the workplace:

Promote Employee Recognition 

Employee recognition campaigns are a great way to engage employees and create an uplifting company culture. By using digital signage to promote employee recognition, they will be much more engaging to the average employee. Some of the best ways to do this is to include accident prevention milestones, website reviews, or even an updated sales numbers leaderboard. Small wins and major milestones alike feel more important and engaging when they are transparently laid out in front of the company. 

Pick the Right Colors

While the actual content that is on the digital signage is obviously important, so are the colors being used. Using the wrong set of colors to display specific information can end up having a negative effect on how the employees absorb the information. 

For example, the use of bright colors is often reserved for information that is playful or joyous, so using it to convey a more serious message is probably not a great idea. Color contrast is also important to note in the communications, so that they are easy to read, even from great distances. 

Provide Some Movement

By their nature, digital signage should be able to do things that traditional signs just cannot. Perhaps the biggest example of this is that digital signage allows content to move around on the screen. Therefore, companies should be taking full advantage of this by including moving elements into every one of their digital signage communications. These could include screen transitions, GIFs, or video.

However, it is important not to overdo this, as doing so can actually cause a disorienting effect on the employees. The best method is to utilize minor animations and video content, in order to make the signage as eye-catching as possible. 

Minimalism Designs Are Best

Companies often have a lot to say to employees, so it can be tempting to try and jam as much information in every one of their communications as possible. However, when it comes to digital signage, less is often more. 

It is estimated that companies only have eight seconds to get the attention of their employees, so if they want to make their digital signage as engaging as possible, then they should take full advantage of those eight seconds. The best way to do this is to only include relevant and important information on the screen. Otherwise, it can quickly come off as looking cluttered and off-putting. 

Using these simple tactics can help to vastly improve the level of employee engagement that your digital signage gets. To improve digital signage and all other forms of workplace communication, contact us today. 

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Sydnie Fultz

Creative Content Manager

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