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on January 29, 2019 Employee Engagement

5 Employee Recognition Campaigns You Can Start this Year

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It is no secret that people want their hard work to be recognized. They are looking for a little something that lets them know their boss and/or coworkers appreciate what they have accomplished. Introducing employee recognition campaigns are undoubtedly a great way to achieve a higher level of employee satisfaction through this type of acknowledgement. How you as an employer go about implementing this into your workplace is up to you, but we have provided five great examples of employee recognition campaigns available for 2019.

Develop a Point Based System

Ever wonder why people tend to keep score when playing games, even when they are by themselves? It is because people are naturally inclined to want to know how well they are doing at a task, and the easiest way to quantify it is through a points based system. The same goes for employees in the workplace. They want to know if they are doing a good job, so implement a point based system that allows employees to earn points upon completion of a well-done project. They can then save up these points and use them to purchase small external goods and services.

Birthday and Anniversary Celebrations

Recognizing and celebrating employee birthdays or work milestones has to be one of the easiest forms of employee recognition that can also deliver great results. Simply add the dates into your work calendar and start thinking of ways you could specially recognize each employee on their special day.

For birthdays, try to look at more virtual options, since it is important to recognize that some employees may elect to take the day off so this employee might not even be in the office that day. Think about sending out emails like the example below:

“Hey everyone! Today is Janice’s birthday so make sure you wish her the best!”

On workplace anniversaries, mix things up based off an employee’s tenure. Extremely long term employees may even have a special gift or event to display your appreciation to their tenacity and dedication. This way, many more of your employees can also participate as well.

Social Media Mentions

Another great strategy to try is posting about your employee’s achievements on social media. This can both simultaneously raise your employee satisfaction rate as well as fill out your company’s social media profiles with something other than the standard company posts.

Include an image of the employee (if they agree to it) and pair with a caption along the lines of:

 “Meet Tim: Our employee of the week here at [insert company name]. He truly excels at customer service and can take care of all your paper needs.

Hosting Competitions

Whether you are a sales-based company or a project-heavy company, there should be an opportunity to host some performance competitions within your workplace. Simply make a reasonable goal or two for your employees to reach within one week and award some sort of prize along with a company wide shoutout to whoever reaches the goal first, which might look a little something like this:

“Congrats to John Doe for absolutely killing it this week with his sales. He was able to reach $8,000 in sales by Wednesday afternoon, which is the second fastest that anyone has ever achieved that goal.”

Regular Employee Updates

This one is probably only viable for medium or small companies, but implementing a weekly or even monthly email containing the updates of your employees can be a great way to increase employee morale. For example, the Canadian Journalism Project has a Media on the Move segment where you list which employees have been hired, started a new position, or are going on vacation. It can be a nice little way to let everyone else know what their fellow employees are up to.

Sydnie Fultz

Creative Content Manager

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