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on August 21, 2019 Employee Benefits

3 Innovative Ways to Communicate Employee Wellness

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In order for a company's workforce to be effective, employees need to be both physically and mentally healthy. A big part of this is getting them to embrace the various wellness programs that the company offers. This is why it is so important that businesses have a well thought out wellness communications plan. Here are some of the best ways of communicating employee wellness throughout the company. 

Embrace Current Wellness Activities

Many employers are focused solely on providing employees with what they think their employees need. However, if they take the time to examine the interests and activities of the employees, they may be surprised to learn that many of them are already participating in different wellness activities either before, after, or even during work. 

By paying attention to these activities, the company can find ways to integrate them into their current wellness plan. This will increase the likelihood that employees will take notice of the wellness program and participate in it, since the activities that they already do will now be part of it. 

Participate and Publicize

Anyone in a management position at a company should embrace their company's wellness plan and lead by example by adopting these programs for their own livelihood. If they aren’t participating in the wellness activities offered by their company, then they should not expect their employees to participate in them either. 

Many studies have shown that the actions of co-workers and bosses can significantly impact the actions of employees. If they are aware of the fact that their peers are regularly participating in the company's wellness program, then they are far more likely to do it themselves. 

That is why company should set out to not only encourage their managers to participate in the program but also publicize when they do by using the company website, monthly newsletter, or some other form of internal communications. 

Make Goals In the Employee App

Another way to encourage company wellness is to create and utilize an employee app. This gives employers an opportunity to set wellness goals for their employees. 

People are naturally goal-oriented, which means if they have something specific to work towards then they are far more likely to dedicate more of their time and energy into completing that task. Rather than simply listing out available wellness programs, companies should engage further by integrating goals into the wellness programs. They can make these enticing by offering certain rewards for reaching goals that are set out in the app. 

A healthy employee is a productive employee, which is why companies need to be using all of these strategies and more in order to maximize their workforce potential. To get professional help in improving other areas of employee wellness and communications, contact us today. 

Sydnie Fultz

Creative Content Manager

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