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on May 18, 2021 Internal Communications Employee Engagement Company Culture

Information You Need to Put on Break Room Digital Displays

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Even with the omnipresence of today’s technology, it’s easy to forget that people still need help accessing important information. Some employees may not even spend the majority of their day working in front of a screen. Others would access announcements by reading it from postings on the break room bulletin board. 

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These internal communication methods may seem arcane, but there is something to be said for making important information easily accessible to your staff. With more advanced technology, use digital signage to build a rotating collection of helpful hints. Here are a few examples of information that you can provide on your break room digital displays during these uncertain times. 

Workplace Safety and Public Health Developments

As we continue to watch science occur in real-time via COVID-19, keeping your workforce on top of any developments in public health and workplace safety protocols is a must. As vaccination numbers continue to increase and people begin returning to work, it’s important for your internal communications to reflect the reality that the virus still presents a risk. 

Digital signage can remind employees of safety protocols and a return to office plan. Policies and procedures can be doled out in easy to read chunks. 

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A workplace digital display is the perfect place for you to keep staff informed on everything from vaccine efficacy to new variants of concern. 

Mental Health and Wellness Prompts

In all likelihood, the last year has been a stressful one for everyone. In the rush to ensure that we all follow public health rules, it’s common to neglect the importance of mental health and wellness. Reminding your staff that resources are available for anyone who is dealing with job burnout, high stress or deteriorating mood can be influential in protecting the collective psyche of your business. 

Data from January 2021 shows that nearly 40% of surveyed adults experienced symptoms of depression and anxiety over the first month of the new year. It’s likely you have staff members who experienced a similar spike, and providing information and helpful resources on your digital display will go a long way towards combating the stigma often associated with these feelings. 

Employee Entertainment and Appreciation

In addition to reminding employees to monitor their physical and mental health, you can give them an added boost by featuring content that entertains, inspires and acknowledges. Seeing as it is a break room, digital displays should also provide your staff with a mental break. Showcase material that helps them relax - be it comedic, interesting or heartwarming. 

Break room displays also provide you with a great opportunity to acknowledge all the hard work that your staff does. Results from a 2016 Gallup poll show that employees are more likely to recall meaningful recognition from leadership positions. 

The large impact of gestures from high-ranking positions leaves ample opportunity for you to make a difference in the performance of staff. Whether it’s an employee of the month style shout-out or company wide celebration for benchmark achievements, placing appreciative content in your digital display helps boost the collective morale and self-image of your workforce. 

Regardless of changing work conditions, digital signage still has a place in the office environment. Employers should still leverage it to provide helpful information to their employees. 

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Sydnie Fultz

Creative Content Manager