COVID-19 Return to Work Playbook: Communication Strategies

backstitch has curated client stories along with HR executive input and consultant research to create a COVID-19 Return to Work Playbook: Communication Strategies.

In this playbook are four critical communication areas outlining new employee expectations and practical tips to execute a successful back to work communication strategy. The four communication areas include: Employment Status & Role Transition, Compensation & Rewards Changes, Benefits Provider Positioning and Open Enrollment Strategy.

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Card Detailing Employment Status

Employment Status & Role Transition

Clear messaging around employment status and the return to work plan.

Hand accepting compensation

Compensation & Rewards Changes

Updates to salary, compensation and contribution towards benefits. 

Lotus flower representing health and welfare

Benefits Provider Positioning

Education around benefit changes and emphases on provided programs.

Calendar for benefits enrollment

Open Enrollment Strategy

Adjustments to open enrollment planning and execution.