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on July 15, 2019 Internal Communications Employee Engagement Company Culture

Simple Ways to Improve Communications In the Construction Industry

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It is no secret that proper communication is a challenge in any organization, but this is especially prevalent in the construction industry. This is such a widely known issue that it has even motivated scientific studies to look into why it is such a challenge to achieve proper communication in this specific industry. If your construction company suffers from poor communication, we have some good news By using a couple of easy strategies, you can significantly improve the communication quality within your company. 

The Challenges of the Construction Industry

There are several main issues that arise within the construction industry that make proper communication difficult to achieve. One of these issues is the fact that there is a widely  distributed, large frontline employee base working for long periods of time on remote worksites. This scatters the employees and makes it incredibly hard to communicate. 

Another issue that arises out of this industry is that workers tend to feel detached from their company. Since they are set in a remote location with only a small team onsite, it’s no wonder many employees have little to no contact with anyone else within the organization. When workers begin to feel disconnected from their company, it can create feelings of indifference or even hostility towards the company, which is not good for anyone involved. 

Use an Employee App

One of the best ways to fight back against a scattered workforce is to start using a communication platform that is easily accessible to employees no matter where they are. Unlike with emails or text messages, the pieces of communication sent through an employee app will not get lost in the avalanche of information that the employees receive on a daily basis. So if your company sends out an important update, it is far more likely that all of the employees will see it and read it if you decide to send it out through push notifications. 

By using an employee app, it also becomes much easier to segment certain groups of employees. So if you need to send out an update to the people working at a specific jobsite, then it is incredibly easy to target those individuals, and send out information only relevant to them. 

Build a Defined Company Culture

It is hard to feel connected to a company if there is no solid company culture to identify with. By creating a well defined company culture, you are able to create an environment that is able to keep remote employees connected even while they spend long periods at distant worksites. One of the best strategies is to use recognition programs to celebrate milestones and achievements among employees. This helps let them know that they are valued and their hard work is being recognized even when they are away working at a distant location. 

Without proper communication, no construction company will achieve  major success and employee engagement. Contact us today to find out how you can further improve the communication within your company. 

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