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on April 16, 2020 Internal Communications

How to Build Trust With Internal Communications

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Trust is one of the building blocks of both personal and professional relationships. That is why so many employers are constantly looking for ways to help increase trust between them and their employees. Unfortunately, the task of increasing trust is often easier said than done. Only 75 percent of employees say they trust their employer, leaving a quarter of businesses scrambling to find a way to instill trust. 

One of the best ways to do this is through internal communications. By keeping a few simple strategies in mind, internal communications can be a sure way to increase trust for everyone in your company.

Share Important Company Information With All Employees

It is a common misconception that sharing regular company performance reports with employees will overwhelm them with internal communications. However, including corporate performance reports in newsletters can actually increase trust levels between employees and the employer. 

Performance reports help employees understand how their actions and individual performance have benefited the company. Sharing this information enables your employees to feel a sense of autonomy and empowerment for their work. Higher levels of agency will also improve your company culture, as employees feel more comfortable sharing their ideas and accomplishments. 

Introduce New Employees to the Rest of the Company

When someone new is hired, it is incredibly important that they are formally introduced to the rest of the staff. This task may not seem like much of a feat for smaller companies, who can simply introduce the new employee in person. However, for larger companies or executive positions, it is important to utilize different forms of internal communications to formally announce the changes.

Crafting a quick announcement about who has been hired and what their position is an easy way to make the new hire feel valuable, as well as to help everyone see which areas of the company are growing.

Employees trust their employer more when they are given the bigger picture and can understand how the company is transforming. 

Send Out Internal Surveys

When someone is involved in the decision-making process, they are far more likely to feel comfortable with the final decision, feel valued as an individual, and feel like their voice really matters. That is why employers should frequently send out internal surveys to their employees about decisions. Some examples of this include asking for input on the best name for the new product, which charities to support, or the theme for the next event. 

80 percent of employers act on internal survey results. However, it is up to the organization to leverage this information and improve their processes. If employees feel like the company trusts their opinion, they will reciprocate the trust.  

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By incorporating these internal communication strategies, it will help to build trust between employees and their employer. To help improve other areas of workplace relationships with your internal communications, be sure to contact us today.

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Sydnie Fultz

Creative Content Manager