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on February 11, 2020 Internal Communications

The Benefits of Including Monthly Corporate Performance Summaries In Newsletters

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Most companies already know how important an internal newsletter can be, especially when using the right subject lines and format to promote it. However, a newsletter is only as effective as the content that it contains. The vast majority of businesses are failing to incorporate a key piece of information in their monthly internal newsletters: corporate performance summaries. 

There are countless studies that prove the importance of evaluating a company's performance. Yet, very few businesses include this information in their regularly distributed internal content. Including corporate performance summaries in your internal newsletters can provide many benefits to your company, as well as the success of your newsletters - here are a few...

Improves Readership Rates

One of the most common ways to distribute monthly corporate performance summaries is by creating a report and sending them in employee emails. The problem with this method is that many employees will not open up an email that just contains a performance report in it. Therefore, by taking this approach, you are likely failing to get the majority of your employees to even check out the current state of your company's performance. 

However, by including this information in a newsletter, it is given a much higher chance of actually being read. After all, 60 percent of employees open up a monthly internal newsletter, which automatically gets your report in front of the eyes of over half of your employees. 

Makes Content More Timely

A major issue with only publishing an annual corporate performance report is that the vast majority of the details within that report are going to be far less relevant by the time they actually reach your employees. The entire point of a corporate performance report is to provide employees with information that they can then use to make any necessary adjustments in a timely manner. 

However, if your team isn’t reaching optimized results in one area at the beginning of the year, then you don’t want to have to wait until the end of the year for the team members to learn about these mistakes and attempt to fix them. Instead, you should put them out in a monthly newsletter so that every month the employees can review it and spot any area where they might be able to improve the team’s performance. 

Provides Clear and Concise Information

When including monthly corporate performance summaries in newsletters, it is best not to copy and paste the entirety of it directly into the newsletter. Instead, only include small snippets of the most important information and then link to the full report at the bottom. 

Using this approach makes it much easier for your employees to digest the content. Instead of being bombarded with walls of industry jargon and text, using big fonts and colors highlights various performance statistics from the report and make it much more visually interesting. 

These are the key reasons why it is such a good idea to include monthly corporate performance summaries as part of your internal monthly newsletters. In order to figure out what other content should be included in your internal communications, contact us today. 

Sydnie Fultz

Creative Content Manager

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