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on April 23, 2019 Employee Benefits

Top Benefits and Perks to Offer Hourly Employees

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Most companies tend to have a wide range of employees, including salaried, freelance, and hourly. Salaried employees often get the best kind of workplace benefits and perks, with many of the hourly employees left with only a small portion. This is despite the fact that hourly employees are often more valuable for a company to have than salaried employees. In order to keep your hourly employees satisfied, here are the top four benefits and perks that you should be providing them with.

Partial Health Insurance

Many companies tend to skimp on the health insurance for their hourly employees because the law often does not demand that they be provided. However, this can be detrimental to both the employees and the company. If the employees are not kept in a healthy condition, then it will affect their ability to work. This is going to mean that they do not get paid and your company is not able to get as much work done. That is why the hourly employees should be provided with at least partial coverage of their healthcare costs.

401(k) Match

Having a 401(k) account is incredibly important for employees, especially for those that are over 40 years old. It helps them to have some money saved up for when they are finally able to retire. However, even if they are making a decent wage, saving up enough money for retirement can be difficult to do. That is why companies should offer their hourly employees a 401(k) match to help them with their savings. Whether it is a 100 percent or 50 percent match rate, anything will help them save and motivate them to stay at the company for as long as possible.

Paid Time off

Everyone needs a day to themselves every now and then. Whether it is for going to their child’s soccer game or laying in bed, getting over a nasty cold, having that ability to take a day or two off without sacrificing any pay is incredibly important. That is why companies should offer their hourly employees a few paid days off each year.

Cell Phone Subsidy or Discount

Depending on what type of company you are, many of your employees might need to regularly use their cell phones for work purposes. Whether it is checking and responding to emails outside of the office, communicating and checking updates on the employee app, or making phone calls to clients and coworkers.

With cell phones and phone plans becoming more and more expensive, it is becoming harder to justify supplying employees with additional work cell phones when they could just get them to use their personal phones instead. This provides the company with an opportunity to provide a subsidy or offer a discount on service; something that might be available through carriers at no extra cost to the company. 

This is especially important if your organization has a company app. Because an internal app can provide great value to your employees, it’s advantageous to make sure all your employees have a device where they can gain access to your company’s app.  

To find out more about the best benefits to be offering your company’s employees, contact us today.

Sydnie Fultz

Creative Content Manager

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