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on June 3, 2019 Internal Communications

5 Ways to Use Push Notifications in Internal Communications

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There are many different ways a company could choose to communicate with their employees. While email, paper, and verbal communication have their place at a company, using an employee app with Push Notifications are often one of the best methods of communicating with employees.

So, What Are Push Notifications?

Many people tend to confuse Push Notifications with SMS text messages, but they are very different. While text messages are connected to a mobile device through a telephone network, push notifications are connected to a mobile device through a WiFi connection or wireless service.

Whenever an app has a new notification, it will be sent through the app and to a mobile device as an alert. The notification will also show up next to the app icon as a red number badge. This is the primary form of communication for nearly all mobile devices.

Push notifications are an effective way of getting a person’s attention. They have been shown to increase engagement with an app by as much as 88 percent. With that in mind, you can easily utilize push notifications to increase your app engagement as well. Here are five ways you can use push notifications in your company’s internal communications.

1. Crisis Communications

There are certain times when it is crucial that employees know a piece of information as soon as possible. During active times of crisis is one of the best examples of this. When a significant event like a severe storm, major pipe burst, or active shooter situation, every second counts. That is why sending out push notifications is one of the best ways to communicate with employees during this time of crisis.

2. Company Announcements

When your company has a major announcement to make, it is important that every employee sees it. Luckily, push notifications will prevent employees from seeing a notification pop up and then forgetting to check it. The red number badge will help to remind them to read through the announcement when they have some free time.

3. Holiday Safety Tips

Keeping employees safe is a vital part of having a successful business. If an employee gets injured then it can result in thousands of dollars in productivity down the drain. Holidays can often be a time where people are put into dangerous situations, so it is important to have a way of reminding them of the best safety practices for the holidays.

4. Employee Recognition

While the classic employee of the month wall is starting to dwindle in popularity, employee recognition is still very much alive and well. Recognizing the hard work of employees is important and an easy way to publicly do that is through the use of push notifications.

5. Request for Feedback/Surveys

Just like with company announcements, many employees will put surveys or requests for feedback at the bottom of their to-do pile. This can cause them to often forget to address it entirely. However, with repeated nudges sent via push notifications, they will be helpfully reminded to fill it out at a later time.

Utilize Push Notifications in an employee re-engagement campaign. Plan your next campaign with our free downloadable worksheet.