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on December 4, 2018 Internal Communications Newsletters Messaging Tools

3 Email Trends to Borrow for Your Internal Company Newsletter

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In the world of internal communications, newsletters are one of the greatest tools a company can use.

Sometimes knowing about a tool isn’t enough, you also need to know how to master that tool. If you are interested in bringing your employee newsletter to the next level, then read through this quick guide of some of the best trending email design tips on the market.

Get a Reaction Through Interaction

People like concepts that they can feel a part of, so what better way to make your employees feel involved than through interactive features. Emails with features such as interactive quizzes and image carousels that can be manually moved are becoming increasingly popular.  By adding these little features, your newsletter becomes more than just something to read and is suddenly an opportunity for your employees to have their voices heard or to experience immersive content. 

Show, Don’t Tell

While the written word is a necessary part of a newsletter as it helps communicate important information, the image used can be even more effective. When employees open a newsletter and see a giant block of text, they will likely get bored and immediately exit the newsletter.

Too much text becomes daunting, so instead opt for a more visually-captivating format. Instead of a paragraph listing the many details of an upcoming event, utilize an infographic with the important information in large, visually interesting text. Then, portion less important information into smaller text below the infographic. If you don’t have the time or desire to create infographics for your company, then you can simply add visual value by making the paragraph scannable and calling out the important dates, or details.

Including emojis or animated GIFs is another way to add some quick and easy visuals to break up the text and make your newsletter pop just a little more. An increase in visuals is great, but be careful not to go too crazy on the images as they can actually have negative effects if used incorrectly.

Observe and Report

In 2016, 15 percent of companies surveyed still were not monitoring their email click-through data. This is a huge mistake, as the information you gather from this data can be extremely valuable. Finding out how many of your employees are opening the newsletter lets you track how much your newsletter reach is either increasing or decreasing. This information also lets you know what day and even what time is the best to send out your newsletters.

For instance, it was determined that 11 a.m. ET was the most popular time for emails being opened, and Tuesday was the most popular day of the week. Knowing this information for your own company will likely help you maximize the number of your employees that are seeing, and therefore engaging, with your newsletter.

Knowing these trending email tactics can potentially help get your newsletter to your employees more easily and efficiently, but it’s only a drop in the bucket to successful communication in the workplace. 

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Sydnie Fultz

Creative Content Manager