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 Drag & Drop Email Creator for simple beautiful emails that employees will actually engage with.
 Branded Content Center that to easily showcase policies, programs, benefits, and more.
 AI & Automation that always shows employees the most relevant information for them.

 Employee App to maximize employee engagement.

  Analytics so you know can easily measure engagement and popularity of programs.
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“backstitch is awesome. I think this is a great success story. And to be honest, much better than I have even hoped for!” - Vice President of HR

“I can’t think back to another program that got the sort of adoption that backstitch has” - Director of Benefits

“backstitch is allowing me to do things I couldn’t before” - Wellbeing Coordinator

“backstitch has done a fabulous job of listening to us and our needs…you guys are great partners…You guys all rock!!!!!” - Sr. Manager Compensation and Benefits

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