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HUB, welcome to your custom backstitch portal! On the right are various resources you can leverage to communicate the value of backstitch to your employer groups.

Quick Facts:

  • backstitch consists of 3 products: Studio (Content Creator), Reader (Branded Employee App) and Total Rewards Statements (TRS)
  • Successful client profile: Large groups (300+)
    • Hard-to-reach and distributed workforces
    • Hourly/salary, office/frontline, union/non-union, full-time/part-time
  • Common client challenges:
    • Lack bandwidth to create engaging content
    • Poor Wellness/401k/Voluntary participation
    • No analytics to track engagement
    • Inability to reach populations without work email
    • Poor engagement with multi-language populations
  • We integrate with your client's email, intranet, HRIS, Ben Admin, cloud storage providers and more
  • Our goal is to stitch your client's programs together to enhance the employee experience and drive measurable outcomes

Program Checklist

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2. Schedule a time for a web demo.

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