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on April 15, 2021 Human Resources Employee Benefits Total Rewards Statements

Why You Should Use an Employee App to Communicate Benefits Enrollment

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Companies today offer lots of fun perks, from social activities to gym discounts to pet care. The myriad of desirable benefits provided can make it challenging for employees to keep up with all of the details. 

To help keep track of all their options, use an employee app and coherently structure the benefits enrollment process. This would make the setup process and information sharing easier to follow for employees. 

There are many reasons employers should adopt an employee app. It can dramatically improve the ease of communication regarding employee enrollment and benefits information. 

Benefits Enrollment Training

The benefits enrollment process on an employee app is very easy. Still, it can be nice for employees to receive a traditional onboarding program to welcome them and remind them of the process. Enrollment is only once a year, so many won’t remember what they did last year. 

While training is by no means mandatory, it still might be a good option to ensure that your employees familiarize themselves with the app from the start to allow for a smoother enrollment training. After all, the employee app is a tool to help employees easily get started and conveniently gain information. 

If a company has invested in an employee app, why wouldn’t they want to encourage their employees to master it as early as possible?

Easy Onboarding

When onboarding, new employees will already be overwhelmed with the many documents that they need to sign and training material they need to read. Employers can use an employee app to help make this a seamless transition. 

Enrolling for benefits on the app is relatively straightforward. Employees have instant access to benefits documents that they can fill out in a matter of seconds. 

Companies that use an employee app for benefit enrollment demonstrate that they value their benefits offered. They want to ensure that employees are sufficiently informed through all possible channels to make the most of their benefits.

Accessibility and Communication

Some employees need to access their employee documents on a weekly basis or more. Having an employee app on someone’s phone means that people can access the information they need from anywhere, whenever they need it. 

Another key feature cuts the employer out of the equation. The app is a completely self-serving tool. It can dramatically lighten the load of HR in offering support. However, if employees still have questions about their benefits, an employee app offers multiple channels for communicating, such as one on one instant messaging or chat groups. 

For example, if a colleague has useful tips for starting out, they can share the content with a newer employee. Establishing the use of effective communication tools early on opens a dialogue between employees to connect with valuable information.

An All-In-One Solution for Companies

Enrolling in benefits doesn’t have to be a confusing process for new employees. An employee app can help with the onboarding process and keep employees informed on their benefits. Employers can monitor employee engagement and send surveys to evaluate how they enjoy their benefits. Employees are even able to access information beyond their benefits, such as essential company updates or news.

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Sydnie Fultz

Creative Content Manager