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Internal Communications Human Resources Employee Engagement backstitch Studio HR Documents Tips & Tricks

Effectively Communicate Company Policies During the Holidays

Throughout the holiday season, companies face the challenge of ensuring that their employees are well informed about company policies, especially thos...

Internal Communications Human Resources HR Documents

Top Industries to Go Paperless

In 2022, a standard workplace environment still goes through many stacks of paper. Whether it’s invoices, reports or crucial HR documents, the use of ...

Internal Communications Human Resources Employee Benefits Future of work Employee Engagement HR Documents Employee App

Organize Employee Benefits Better on the Intranet

Many companies rely on an intranet to host important content and keep employees engaged. They typically contain HR documents, operations manuals and c...

Human Resources Employee Benefits Multigenerational Workforce Employee Engagement Total Rewards Statements HR Documents Corporate Social Responsibility

Why It's Important to Improve Financial Literacy for Employees

Does creating a healthy company culture include employees’ financial wellbeing? If your organization does not utilize financial literacy in its benefi...

Internal Communications Employee Engagement Company Culture Newsletters HR Documents

Use Employee Newsletters to Prepare For a Return to Office

After several years of working remotely, returning to the office requires a lot of adjustments. It’s important to help your company’s staff transition...

Human Resources HR Documents

Use Digital Forms to Manage FMLA Requests

The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 grants eligible employees unpaid, job protected leaves for medical or family reasons. Since then, it has beco...

Internal Communications Human Resources Total Rewards Statements HR Documents Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Best Way to Communicate Compensation Changes

A total rewards strategy backed by effective communication can supercharge your organization in the new year Compensation is a delicate subject. Even ...

Internal Communications HR Documents

What to Consider When Budgeting for Employee Communications

Employee communications are an element you have to prepare for thoroughly. It’s more complicated than most expect, and requires a planned approach. On...

Human Resources HR Documents

Why Paperless Employee Documents are More Important than Ever

Modernization requires that companies automate documentation as much as possible. This is even more important in the new normal, when access has gotte...

Internal Communications Human Resources Future of work Employee Engagement HR Documents Messaging Tools

Why You Should Provide Employees With a Self-Service Software Portal

In the era of increasing digitization and advances in technology, the traditional office paradigm is beginning to be replaced.