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on September 12, 2023 Human Resources HR Law

Employment Law Changes for September 2023

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The backstitch HR law blog is a monthly series where we provide the latest updates on upcoming and recently in-effect legislation. Here are short snippets of State, Federal, and Global changes in HR and employment law, so your organization can be prepared for changes this month. 


The minimum wage in Florida is increasing on September 30 from $11/hour to $12/hour. 


Maine currently requires workers to be paid at a maximum interval of 16 days. However, SP 151 - LD 1278 adds an exemption to relatives of the employer. It also exempts salaried employees. Those that work for an LLC or S Corp or are a stockholder of a cooperation are exempt as well, unless they specifically request to be paid in accordance to the maximum interval. This goes into effect September 19. 

New York

In 2022, New York City enacted a pay transparency law for all job postings and promotions to include a pay range. Now, on September 17, New York State is following suit, requiring that all job postings and promotions that are conducted physically within New York or report to a manager located within the state include a salary range and job description. 


Texas joins a number of states in enacting a CROWN Act. HB 567 adds braids, locks and twists as a protective hairstyle protected from racial discrimination. It also bans dress and grooming policies that discriminates against hair texture or protective hairstyles that commonly are associated with race. This goes into effect September 1. 

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Liang Deng

Chief of Staff

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