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on November 1, 2022 Human Resources HR Law

Employment Law Changes for November 2022

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The backstitch HR law blog is a monthly series where we provide the latest updates on upcoming and recently in-effect legislation. Here are short snippets of State, Federal, and Global changes in HR and employment law, so your organization can be prepared for changes this month. 

New York

On November 1, New York City has enacted a pay transparency law. It updates the New York City Human Rights Law to "require employers to include a good faith pay range in all job advertisements." This includes not just job postings, but promotions and transfers too. All employers that have four or more employees, with at least a single employee working in New York City, is affected. 

Also on November 1, New York City is easing its vaccine mandate. Previously, workers must provide a proof of vaccination against COVID-19, with religious or medical exemptions. Now, that requirement has been abolished, and companies are instead encouraged to optionally create their own policies. 

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Liang Deng

Chief of Staff

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