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on April 23, 2020 Internal Communications

3 Ways to Use Push Notifications to Communicate Employee Benefits

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The number of employees who own smartphones is continually rising, with the current stat now being 81 percent. With this significant rise in smartphone users in the workplace, most companies are finally realizing the value of using an employee app. 

However, a mobile app is only as good as you make it, which is why every business needs to know proper tactics to enhance their employee experience. For example, one of the best things that they can do is use push notifications to alert their employees of any new content available in the app. 

Push notifications have a lot of advantages, but one in particular is how they can be used to better communicate employee benefits. Here are three ways that your company can begin to use push notifications to successfully communicate the benefits available to your employees. 

Remind Employees About Open Enrollment

Employees often have a lot of things on their minds, so it is completely understandable for them to forget when open enrollment takes place. Rather letting this period slip by without employee action, you should notify them when the date is approaching, once it starts and before it ends.

Maintain a calendar of planned, regular announcements.While a lot of companies try to notify employees through email, these often get ignored. Push notifications are a better option because they are more interactive and easier to digest. Even if the employee doesn’t immediately go into the employee app and complete open enrollment, they will at the very least become aware of open enrollment once the message pops up on their device. 

Highlight Voluntary Benefits

The decision to participate in voluntary benefits is completely up to the employee. However, your human resource department should make sure your employees know about all the options available in their benefits package. Some employers attempt to send extremely long and boring emails or print out bland brochures to display the benefits offered. These outdated methods are likely to be ignored or end up in the recycling bin shortly after being distributed. 

Notifications are extremely important for reminding your employees of their options.

Instead, HR personnel should create a series of push notifications that are periodically released. These should contain an eye-catching slogan to help convince employees to visit the company app and read about their voluntary benefits. Even more, because it is available on their mobile device, employees can access this at any time. 

Increase Participation in Wellness Challenges

People love a good competition. Use this fact to encourage employees to enroll in your benefits programs. One way to do this is to regularly host fun wellness challenges in the workplace. Encourage employees to get out from under their desk and complete a series of health and wellness objectives. 

Wellness challenges are improved when more employees participate. Because it may be hard to maintain the competitive excitement after a few days, using push notifications is a great way to remind and encourage employees to continue to progress towards their goals. These occasional reminders will do wonders for helping to increase participation in wellness challenges. 

By regularly utilizing push notifications, employers can help to communicate employee benefits in all of these ways and more. To learn other methods of communicating employee benefits, contact us today. 

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Sydnie Fultz

Creative Content Manager