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Internal Communications Employee App

How Push Notifications Can Encourage Employees To Open Your App

Push notifications are a great way of encouraging employee engagement throughout your organization via your mobile app. With that in mind, mobile tech...

Internal Communications Employee Engagement Newsletters Employee App

How Many Images Should be in a Company Newsletter?

Employees are responsible for a lot of work. They might not have much time to scroll through a company newsletter. This becomes especially true if it’...

Internal Communications Employee App

How to Upgrade Your Intranet From On Premise to the Cloud

As technologies improve and evolve, your company has to keep up in order to keep up with competitors. On premise solutions for a company's intranet sy...

Internal Communications Human Resources Employee Engagement Company Culture backstitch Studio

Survey Ideas to Engage Your Employees

Employee surveys allow your company to gather informative feedback. They also provide employees the chance to be heard and engage with your company. U...

Internal Communications Human Resources Employee App

Leverage Your Employee App as a Scheduling Tool

Setting shifts, managing leave and tracking attendance can be very labor intensive and headache inducing. With changes occurring on short notice, both...

Internal Communications Human Resources Newsletters Employee App Messaging Tools

Top Alternatives to Email in the Workplace

Emails are the gold standard of business communication. Every office employee receives an average of 121 emails per day. But as companies adopt remote...

Internal Communications Human Resources Employee Engagement Newsletters

Communication Tips Every HR Manager Needs to Know

Communication is a key part of life. It’s a truly necessary skill in both private life and the workplace. In the work environment, employees are talki...

Internal Communications Human Resources

Don't Forget Remote Employees in Your Internal Communication Plan

Organizations are in the process of modernizing their operations. Many companies have adopted digital solutions. This led to acceptance of remote work...

Internal Communications Human Resources Future of work Employee Engagement HR Documents Messaging Tools

Why You Should Provide Employees With a Self-Service Software Portal

In the era of increasing digitization and advances in technology, the traditional office paradigm is beginning to be replaced. 

Internal Communications Human Resources Employee Benefits Employee Engagement Total Rewards Statements

Communication Should Be a Key Part of Benefits Enrollment Planning

Open enrollment is one of the busiest times of the year for HR departments. Benefits managers must not only craft a robust list of benefit offerings b...