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on March 2, 2023 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Tips & Tricks The Stitch

How to Prioritize a Work Environment That Supports Everyone

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Actionable change and purposeful shifts in the workplace can help to pave the way for more inclusive, safe, and diverse working spaces.

Supporting diverse voices provides employees with encouragement to express their interests and ideas. For many company leaders, knowing just how to incorporate these necessary changes in the workplace can be an overwhelming thought. 

"As a CMO who is a member of the Latina and LGBTQ+ communities as well as a mother of two, I know how difficult it is to navigate the corporate world when you don’t see people who look like you at the top,” Liana Douillet Guzman shared as part of a leadership editorial with Inc.com.

Provide Space for Personal Reflections

In order to employ active change, it is essential for companies to provide employees with the space and support to give their story. Invite employees to share their personal experiences with various topics, holidays, or events. Encourage employees to share their opinions and experiences on a bulletin board, as part of a company memo, or in a speech to their colleagues. Providing support and encouragement can help further conversations develop.

While Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts should be enacted every day, this helpful DEI calendar can provide you with some important events and observances.

Create and Stand By Your DEI Purpose Statement

Your DEI statement should clearly articulate your company's dedication to prioritizing the needs and voices of marginalized groups. The statement should be positive in tone and could relate back to the company's mission.

Creating your company's DEI statement is one thing, but standing by it is a completely different one. Your DEI statement means nothing if you are not backing it up with change, support, and education. Ensure that you have the right tools to flexibly handle unique concerns and provide adequate resources.

DEI Training: Do I Need It?

Everyone can potentially benefit from DEI training. The programs and training modules are generally geared towards employees to help provide education, resources, and a safe space for questions. Employing a training program for employees can allow employees to feel valued, heard, and can build a sense of trust.

Different DEI training companies offer varying services. Assessing your company's needs can help you determine if a program is right for you.

Host a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Event

Events provide opportunities for employees and company leaders to become more engaged, as well as can give way to more meaningful conversations. While there are virtual DEI events available, there are also in-person workshops as well. The National Center for Human and Civil Rights offers varying events for DEI education, as well as a specific workplace DEI experience.

Be Open to Communication

Creating a culture of openness can take time. However, being that change in your company by leading conversations and fostering open communication between departments can help create an inclusive environment. Be receptive to feedback and be flexible when it comes to new developments, to allow employees the room they need to feel heard and supported.  

🌟 Strategies to Strengthen your DEI efforts with backstitch 

Create Employee Resource Groups

Within your company, consider creating employee resource groups! Host meet ups, events and provide resources for groups within your company. Easily Post them on an Employee Resource Group Topic within backstitch so people can have instant access to events, reminders and resources. 

Utilize Teams and Topics to target groups

Get information that relates to specific employees. People pay attention to information that relates only to them. Our platform provides one of the best ways to target specific groups of employees, to ensure your messages are seen! If you are not familiar with Teams and Topics, contact your account manager. 

Promote your DEI efforts on your home page

Odds are, most of your employees care about your company's DEI efforts. Ensure this information gets seen by all by posting it on your home page! Post a monthly updates of things your company did, notifications about upcoming events, highlighting special observances, etc. 

Make backstitch your primary communication tool for all of your DEI efforts!

Sydnie Fultz

Creative Content Manager