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on October 30, 2018 Internal Communications Human Resources Employee Benefits Messaging Tools

How to Plan Your Communications Strategy Around Open Enrollment

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Along with flexible time off and lucrative retirement matching, insurance options are one of the top incentives that attract quality employees to your company. If your company can afford to offer a strong benefits package, you’ll be able to compete when recruiting candidates and work to keep current employees happy.

However, your rich benefits package won’t be helpful if employees aren’t taking advantage of them Communication that is consistent and effective is key in making sure that your programs are being fully and properly utilized.

Only 19 percent of employees have a high level of understanding of their benefits


Start with a Message Outlining Benefits and Programs

While it’s important for employees to be well informed about their options, most won’t want to sift through blocks of text and handbooks to find the information that actually applies to them. Your introduction to Open Enrollment should be succinct and relevant to everyone who will read it. Catch their attention by including information about supplementary programs outside of traditional benefits, like the following:

  • · Health and wellness programs
  • · Discounted gym memberships and fitness classes
  • · Nutrition counseling services
  • · Access to telemedicine software


Measure Responses and Re-Target Your Audience

Inverted Pyramid of Message TargetingAfter sending initial messages about open enrollment, track your emails to take note of who opened each message. Compare that to a list of who took action. You will then have a list of your next target audience.  

Your next step in communication should be to reach out to those employees with a new message, encouraging them to take action. Try to include a call to action and clear instructions for what behavior you are trying to encourage from your messaging.  

As you send out follow up messages, work to keep a consistent look and feel. When employees see messaging about Open Enrollment, they should immediately recognize it and know what they’re looking at. Your benefits guide, online information, and print materials should be cohesive, using the same design elements, language, and branding to make it easy to understand.

Use Multiple Channels to Share Your Message

Open Enrollment Push NotificationIn a sea of emails, it can be difficult for your information to stand out. Spreading your message through multiple channels will help to keep it in front of employees without overwhelming their inbox.   Use your internal messaging system to send reminders, post a note on your project management database, and utilize print materials in the office. The more channels you use, the more people you have the opportunity to reach.

Keep Employees Engaged with a Content Calendar

A sample employee benefits communication planWhen you have so much information to relay, multiple channels to send it through, and deadlines that need to be met, you will need a way to keep it all organized. A content calendar is a great way to do just that!

Design your calendar starting your earliest communication to employees and ending with the deadline date for enrollment. Include the type of communication you’ll be using and the theme of each message that you’ll be sending.

Helping your employees make the most of the benefits your company has to offer will result in a happier team so you can retain a quality staff.

Let us help you develop a communication plan for benefits packages and put it into action by scheduling a demo with us today.

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Sydnie Fultz

Creative Content Manager