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How Many Images Should be in a Company Newsletter?

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Employees are responsible for a lot of work. They might not have much time to scroll through a company newsletter. This becomes especially true if it’s a block of text with no breaks. Chances are, they will ignore it and focus on more immediate priorities. How can you optimize images in an employee newsletter for maximum readability? 

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A striking image stokes intrigue for people, whether they’re reading emails, books, or brochures. The same goes for a company newsletter, especially as you inform your employees about important information and events that they need to know about. As evidence shows, the brain processes images and videos much faster than print. But, what’s the limit on images you should use for your following newsletter? 

The Rule of Thumb for Newsletter Images

You may want to use as many images as possible to break up the text and make it as visually appealing as possible. However, there’s strategic elements at play to maximize your efforts.

For your company newsletter, you should aim for at least two photos per section. Depending on the section, a single image is fine as well. However, considering the amount of information you’re trying to convey, specifically if it’s about a subject that requires greater understanding, having multiple images will keep employees intrigued. 

Strategically Place Images Throughout the Text

Beyond just the number of photos, it's also important to be mindful of how the images are presented and arranged. Inline photographs help break apart text without being too intrusive. Or, utilize multiple columns or tables to arrange your text. Some newsletter tools even allow for photo carousels that can display multiple images without taking too much space. 

These pictures don’t need to be large either. Large pictures are usually rendered irrelevant by newsletter readers, mirroring stock photography. For email newsletters, a large image as the opener will cause employees to merely glance through the content without paying close attention. Instead, break up a large banner with text in the middle or off to the side. 

By putting a striking image to start your email when sending around the newsletter, you instantly grab employees' attention. They'll have more incentive to share it around and assimilate important company information faster. 

Photo Quality is Key 

Avoid using blurry cell phones at all costs when capturing photos for your company newsletter. Phones can be useful for capturing employees in action or at a company event. However, a camera that can snap high quality photos will be better for bringing eyes to your newsletter. Regardless of the methods, the most important thing is image quality

It’s vital to not get overboard with quality, though. Many email clients have a size limit, and photos that take up too much space can render your newsletter unsendable. If your company newsletter is hosted on an employee app, large image sizes can strain data caps. However, if it is in print, then keep the quality as high as possible. 

Putting multiple, top-quality photos in your company newsletter will encourage employee participation and make them feel like you’re not force-feeding information every time.

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